Everything you need to know about Chatbots – and why you need them now!

Everything you need to know about Chatbots

Chatbots have changed the way we look at customer service. Gone are the days when someone would keep one of their representatives logged on to their website in order to help out visitors. With chatbots now in place, companies can be tension-free and continue with their usual activities instead of keeping an eye out for customer support. In one way, chatbots are more efficient than humans and are better at providing at best replies in the least amount of time as well.

To start off with, let’s understand what chatbots are? Wordstream states that “Chatbots – also known as “conversational agents” – are software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech for the purposes of simulating a conversation or interaction with a real person.”

Chatbots work with the help of Ai technology and include deep learning, machine learning algorithm and require a large amount of data too. Although setting up the concept of chatbots in the first place may seem tedious but once you are through it, it will be a dream to use them henceforth.

Here are some of the advantages of chatbots:

  1. Be available 27*7:

With no more waiting for a chat agent to become available, chatbots can solve the issue of having to assign someone to take care of the company’s chat portal. The automated chatbot is capable to talk to a visitor in the best possible manner and is available 24 hours 7 days a week for all 365 days, so no visitor returns disappointed.

  1. Multiple users:

While human abilities in such cases are often restricted and a person can get burdened if loaded with too many responsibilities at a time, this is untrue in the case of chatbots. With these, one can easily speak to a number of visitors without getting tired or losing concentration.

  1. Saves money:

Chatbots saves you the money you would have to pay employees in its absence. In this case, you end up saving a fair bit for the company that can be used for other purposes. On the other hand, installing a chatbot also ensures you a good long-term investment.

  1. Break from monotonous work:

Let’s be practical, one person does not like doing the same repetitive work over and over again. And in case of chat portals, this is quite common. With so many visitors, it is bound to happen that the same question or issue may need to be answered to again and again.

  1. Customer engagement:

Apart from providing great service, chatbots also ensure that there is constant customer engagement. Over a period of time, if chat portals are handled by humans, the level of service and engagement may depreciate. However, the same is not seen in case of chatbots and consistency is maintained even if practiced over long periods of time.

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