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Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing or ABM services focus on specific defined targets in order to reap better and more prominent results. The data pool in terms of ABM is very precise, thus creating a strategy that is time-friendly, easy and allows personal attention. At Digitalzone, we ensure our ABM based campaigns are scrutinized in a skillful manner, to derive maximum data. Since this strategy is more personalized than others are, it helps the client to measure goals and track the level of customer reach. We also ensure that each level of Account Based Marketing is thoroughly checked to get the most accurate data and yield promising results.

Appointment Setting Service

Appointment setting is huge today. With so many demands and even more offerings to cater to them, it is vital to ensure that the client gets the right product or service that he is looking for. However, the process of reaching out to a potential client and getting your service noticed amongst millions of others is right where the challenge lies. Appointment setting requires efficient communication, tactic, and strategy, convincing power, confidence and transparency. At Digitalzone, we take care of your appointment setting process from beginning to end. This allows you the much-needed time to get talking with the client once he is on board and then proceeds towards sales. This process goes a long way in lead generation and revenue generation and saves valuable time on cold calling.

Content Syndication Services

One of the best ways to get noticed, content syndication is necessary for businesses to reach out to prospective clients. Also termed as content licensing, content syndication is publishing your own content in the form of blogs and articles on third-party sites and networks. Usually done by companies who are still in the growth phase, content syndication helps to gain more visibility and creates brand awareness for the parent company. A consistent marketing process, content syndication goes a long way if hosted meticulously on reputed platforms and eliminates the need to opt for other marketing channels. At Digitalzone, we help you determine the most effective approach to content syndication to help your products and services get the most views of your targeted audience. We also ensure that you receive a quality outcome from your investment and assure you a premium level service.

Demand Generation Services

Marketers require implementing a variety of demand generation tactics to generate leads and make them sales-ready. This process is extremely important when it comes to creating leads with the purpose of making a sale. Demand generation is the first phase of the chain and requires in-depth research to apprehend the type of clientele being targeted. Demand generation is extremely important to create a customer base even before you begin to sell. At Digitalzone, we give utmost importance to this aspect and realize how effectively demand generation works to create a brand name, reach new markets, re-absorb existing consumers and ultimately drive up sales. Through our various inside sales activities, demand generation strategies, data management service and pre-sales functions, we work to create a thirst for products and services so the final launch gets a huge response and sales targets are not only met but also exceeded.

Event Promotion Services

Age-old tactics of unsolicited emails do not work anymore. If you are organizing an event, a personalized and creative online method is the best way to generate interest and maximize bookings. Well aware of the length to which firms go in order to create visibility and market their event, we understand how important it becomes for the client to ensure they stand out right from the initial steps. We, therefore, go to leaps and bounds to customize event promotion service in order to create good pre-sales and marketing entities for your events and help you shine out amongst the rest.

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