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The Best 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Millennials

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Digital marketing is seldom the small game in today’s world. With new digital marketing options and functionalities seen every other day, there is so much to learn! However, it is also a known fact that one needs to stick to one kind of strategy while digital marketing instead of trying everything you see. In the simplest of words, one should not be “jack of all and master of none.”

Being a millennial, it is important to understand that you can do so much more than the usual when it comes to digital marketing! With trends changing almost overnight, going far and wide in this aspect will only help in standing apart from the crowd.

Here are some key tips for millennials to keep in mind before stepping into digital marketing:

1. Lean towards creating mobile-friendly content:

Not only millennials but everyone today uses their mobile phones more than any other gadget. So it does go without a say that the content you put out there should be mobile-friendly under all conditions. Facts also say that “14% wouldn’t do business with a company that doesn’t have a mobile site or app” and that “87% of Millennials admit to never being without their phone.”

2. Be authentic:

Stick to making content that is real, raw and speaks about the brand. Getting stuff from other websites or even creating something similar will definitely not get you the reaction you’re looking out for because it’s something that people have already seen. To make an impact, be original, authentic and you will be amazed at how strongly you can make a mark.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of videos:

If you take a look at some of the big firms today, be it in any industry whatsoever, you will see one thing that is pretty common – they may all have some form of video content on their website or social media. Digital marketing is growing and you simply have one second to make an impact before another brand snoops in! Thus, in this rat race, videos have the power to gain the attention of viewers more than any other medium.

4. Go big on social media:

“84% of millennials follow companies or brands on Facebook and 76% of millennials follow companies or brands on YouTube,” says a study. However, this doesn’t mean only creating profiles but also interacting with followers, shooting posts and relevant feed and in the process increasing visibility. With so much competition in social media, it is vital to stay on top of the game and be unique with posts and content that is put out.

5. Get personal:

To get big, digital marketing requires a personal touch! So many companies do so many different things and utilize numerous strategies; hence there is a good chance that you can easily get lost in the crowd if you’re not doing something unusual and brilliant. With a personal touch, digital marketing gets more noticed and is remembered for long – the two things that are of core importance when marketing is considered.

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