5 tools of content marketing

5 Tools for Effective Content Marketing

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Content governs the base of any form of marketing. Be it traditional or digital, content serves as the first active layer of strategy implementation.  Like Rebbeca Lieb has said, “Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.” It is very essential to understand what Content Marketing truly is, what it truly is capable of and how technology can help us upscale our game. What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is an umbrella that overarches a set of marketing activities such as; strategies, techniques, and tactics. These help attain business goals and reach out to the existing or potential customer. It involves using the most relevant content to serve, attract, convert, retain and engage customers in the most trustworthy and valuable way. Content Marketing enables you to target the desired audience by understanding what is it that they are looking out for. The best form of educating someone about your brand/product is by helping them read through it.

The fusion of knowledge and technology has made it easier for mankind to advance and reach new heights. Innovation has been the key ingredient of marketing. While Content Marketing covers various intricate details such as writing, editing, publishing, the traditional form of these activities restricts the possessor from gauging the advances on their activity. On the other hand, when you use content along with tools to write, edit, publish and track your content, you hold the optimum space to improvise. You also get to know if you are reaching the right audience or is your content just going for a toss. The best way to gauge the success of your content is through its consumption and engagement. While some Content Marketing tools help you write engaging content, some help you edit it and a few others help trace its consumption or engagement. Let’s have a look at the top 5 Content Marketing tools used by professionals and understand each one’s purpose.



Referred to as one of the leading tools for content analysis, BuzzSumo helps track content performance. It gives you an array of services to choose from. The BuzzSumo, like the name suggests, makes sure your content creates a huge buzz. The tool covers various features such as Product Tour, Content Discovery, Brand Monitoring, Influencer Marketing, Content Curation, Content Insights, Content Research & Planning, Competitor Research, Question Analyzer, Content API and a lot more. What else does a Content Marketer need? Every possible parameter is covered when it comes to content writing and the rest of it such as content curation and data analysis adds up like a cherry on the top.


Answer The Public

With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use functionality, Answer the Public is one of the top-rated Content Marketing tools. Quite a few leading names of the industry have adopted Answer the Public as their preferred Content Marketing Software. The platform doesn’t only provide a solution when it comes to engaging content topics, they also provide consumer insights with respect to your published content and consumer guides for major PR firms. They term themselves as ‘Make Life Better Tool’ and have been serving true to its meaning. The platform also enables you to generate content that is keyword-centric making it friendly for Search Engine Optimization and therefore marketing.



After all the writing is done, what is it that adds up to the efforts of Content creation? Appropriate and timely execution. Execution is the phase where your hard work actually goes in front of the masses and the good ones even hit the roof.  SumAll makes it easy and hassle-free for all Content Marketers to publish content as per their strategic approach.  While the content strategy might imply posting at 2:00 am in the morning and you may not be awake until then, you can simply let SumAll take charge. Apart from the fact that the software handles the task of content curation and execution, the platform also enables you to track and monitor which content piece out there is doing better.



Like someone wisely said, ‘It always makes good business sense to keep an eye on your competitor.’ Now social media makes it even simpler. With SpyFu in place, it is absolutely undemanding. The platform makes it easy to research and analyze your competitors’ profitable organic and paid searches. This helps a Content Marketer to generate content that ranks while anyone is looking out for common services that are similar to your competitor. SpyFu helps you learn how to connect with different domains. It enables you to find methods for online and traditional leads, social media, email, phone, and address. This is data that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.


Google Analytics

Best of all, Google Analytics serves as the best friends of any Content Marketing professional. Stats that have unmatched details, unlike any other software. Google analytics covers a detailed analysis of various parameters such as organic searches, social media conversions, website analytics and even regional and time coverage over your website. This immensely helps in Content Marketing as it distinguishes the consumed content distinctly from the one that doesn’t do well. The software may not help with basic writing functionalities like Quality Check or Editing but it sure covers other factors that determine the success of your Content Marketing efforts.

When your aim is to run successful Content Marketing campaigns, target your desired audience specifically. Remember, the basic rule of writing or Content Marketing involves writing something that answers the question of your audience. Write something that is relatable and your content will never go out of engagement because like Jayson Demers said, “It is better to have one phenomenal piece of content than a hundred throwaway articles no one wants to read.”


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