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6 Ways on How to Make Instagram Valuable for B2B Business

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Instagram is one of the most recognized social sharing platforms across the globe. What started as an application that merely allowed photo sharing soon grew in popularity and before people knew it, everybody was on Instagram! Soon, businesses too started coming forward to include Instagram, more popularly known as IG, in their business growth plan since it was simple, popular, widespread and focused on the saying “a single picture is worth a thousand words!.”

Instagram does not need a ton of content, blogs or articles to make something go viral, it simply needed a well-captured image that can tell and sell your story to the audience. Over time, the social platform improved and increased its reach allowing users to share videos, add hashtags, include short 24-hours long stories, and go live and so much more!

Today, everyone from celebrities, actors, sportsmen, non-profit organizations, businesses, and even other social media platforms have an account on Instagram – and their follower base is just increasing! Moreover, being an active and useful business platform also allowed several others to do business on Instagram. Some people and businesses became so popular that IG is now their primary source of income owing to a huge follower base, heavily paid sponsors and people who began trusting Instagram more than ever.

If you’re a B2B business and are active on Instagram (with big chances you are!) you may have tried many a hashtags and strategies to gain followers and become more Instagram-friendly. To make this journey a little bit easier, here are 6 ways to really make Instagram your thing:

1. Your bio is your brand image:

Those few lines on your Instagram profile aren’t simply to write a gist about what you offer – it goes much beyond that. While the profile image of your brand is important, this is where you can get really creative and show you’re not just another B2B business. It is the first thing people will read and it is important to make it stand out.

2. Lead them to your website/page:

“Link in the bio” – heard these words? Instagram doesn’t allow sharing links in your picture or video captions leaving you only one way of taking followers to your website: sharing it in your bio. This can be updated from time to time depending on what your posts speak about, so users can be directed to the right product/service.

3. Create a strategy for your posts:

Nothing works without a strategy. It is important to make sure your posts are not just random or do not tell a story. Make sure that everything you do on Instagram follows a pattern so your followers understand you’re serious about what you’re doing. Create amazing posts with good content, vibrant designs, post with relevant hashtags and more.

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4. Be consistent:

Posting a few times a month isn’t going to do you any good especially if you’re now. Figure out a plan and stick to it to maintain consistency and give your followers what they want. However, this also does not mean posting very frequently, something that will only create quantity over quality, also creating an image of spamming.

5. Repost and comment:

Repost posts that mention your brand or are relevant, allowing other brands and competitors to grow. Instagram is more of growing and building together than seeing each other as competition. Replying to comments shows your followers you’re serious and are making an attempt to maintain connections.

6. Use stories:

The latest features, stories are a great way for a brand to showcase behind-the-scenes pictures to their followers – be it anything from office get-togethers, parties, visits or meetings, stories are great for informal pictures and videos. These also have funny filters, memes and GIF’s that one can use to create something funny and connecting.


When it comes to brands, stories help in getting followers more accustomed and this creates more popularity and goodwill in the years to come. For a brand, growth is essential and stories help ‘generalize’ the brand making it look more fun and casual – in a good way, something that followers really love and personally connect with.


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