7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses need to Avoid

7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses need to Avoid

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Businesses have come to terms with the fact that if they want to continue to thrive and prosper in the digital world, they need to be on social media. Doing business in today’s world requires visibility and a strong online presence. Brands are jousting online for influence and authority. Everyone wants to reach their target audience, engage them and build brand awareness and loyalty with a laser focus on growth and revenue too. Social media can unleash tremendous business opportunities and great potential if done right so here are the mistakes to stay away from-

1. Thinking of it as just a social media platform but not a business tool

Even if you don’t start off with investing money in social media marketing, remember you are investing your precious time. Social media can help a business grow tremendously if you use it as the effective business tool it’s supposed to be. Don’t do it just because everyone else is doing it. Do it to pioneer. Do it to lead.

2. Choosing the wrong Platforms

Every business is different with unique needs. These social media platforms might not work the same for two businesses even in the same industry. Choose the right platforms and be where your audience is. Focus on the platforms that give you results and help your business grow seamlessly!

3. Not having a strategic plan

If you thought you’d just start using social media for your business and figure out a strategy later, you are doing it wrong. Strategy comes first in social media marketing. Without a strategy, all your effort and resources might as well just go in vain. Have clear and pragmatic goals and strategically plan a strategy to align your actions to achieve them!


4. Insufficient Audience Research

Thoroughly knowing your audience is the prime requisite to win the social media marketing game. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing everything else right, if you don’t know your audience, well everything gets botched up and falls flat. You cannot market on social media not knowing your target audience and therefore, understand your audience and know what they want!

5. Sending an incoherent message

True you are using different social media platforms and yes they work differently but what shouldn’t be different here is your message. See users are looking for a unified experience. The message you’re trying to send to you audience should be coherent and should not vary with different channels. In the end, your message is what you stand for!

6. Not being consistent

We all know success doesn’t happen overnight. Social media requires consistency. To get the best results, be consistent with the amount of content as well as its quality and relevance. Reply to all the comments and queries in a timely manner because if you don’t, your competition will. Understand it takes time and be patient. Consistency is the key to successful social media presence and brand recognition!


7. Doing what everyone else is doing

If you seek social media marketing success, you should not be doing what everyone else is doing. Try something different, take risks. Experiment! Showcase your uniqueness. It can be anything- your product, how tactfully you handle complaints, impeccable customer service, the value you provide or just the way care about your clients. “If you do what everyone else does, you will get what everyone else gets.”― Stephen Richards

Social media has had a huge impact on businesses worldwide. It’s no longer a question if you should use social media to augment business success, the question is how to do it right. In order to leverage it to its utmost potential, learn from the mistakes, from the ones you have made and even better, from the ones others make.

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