Account-Based Marketing Services

Account-based marketing or ABM services focus on specifically defined targets in order to reap better and more prominent results. The data pool in terms of ABM is very precise, thus creating a strategy that is time-friendly, easy and allows personal attention. With ABM, a lot of specification comes into place and a whole lot of uncertainness goes away for good – no wonder ABM is one of the most widely used marketing strategies today. With ABM a lot of aspects are made smoother, like:

  • Better ROI: With ABM, the return on investment happens faster and much better since the data is now concentrated and very specific. One is able to measure and track the ROI and doing this makes way for bigger challenges easy. The investment made in different aspects can be dealt with in a much more systematic way.
  • Personal interaction: Account-Based Marketing helps to gel with the customer in a way to make them feel valued. Larger the database, little the amount one gets to invest on one customer, however, if the data is specific the time increases, making the prospect feel important.
  • Faster processes: Without ABM if one would have to speak to 1000 prospects, with ABM this will probably be narrowed down to 600 or less – something that makes a big difference! This makes processes simpler, result-bearing and definitely faster too.
  • Effective use of resources: ABM is one of those strategies that make sure the resources at hand find the best use. With good marketing, the outcome is definite to be reward-bearing and it also gives the employee a chance to use his skills and resources to the best of his ability.
  • Goal-oriented: Being specific is one of the major aims of ABM and the same is also counted as its strength. Without being all over the place, ABM marks its perfect territory and ensures the data is collected keeping the same in mind. This method creates a stringent data-map while moving ahead.
  • Being unique: There is no count of how many marketers call prospects every single day and try to gain a lead. Without a proper design of what you wish to target or information about the client, you too enter the list. With ABM, the specifics filter out a lot of data, giving you time & space to focus on what really matters – the prospect.
  • Make an impact: Instead of being “just another seller” ABM helps you to make sure your efforts are targeted to the right source and also to make a heavy impact. ABM compiled with the right strategy can make a stellar impact on your prospect without even having to do any heavy lifting.

At Digitalzone, we ensure our ABM based campaigns are scrutinized in a skillful manner, to derive maximum data. Since this strategy is more personalized than others are, it helps the client to measure goals and track the level of customer reach. We also ensure that each level of Account Based Marketing is thoroughly checked to get the most accurate data and yield promising results.


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