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Acquisition of Questica by GTY Technology Holdings Inc. is Complete

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GTY Technology Holdings Inc. a special purpose acquisition company that was created by former top Accenture and EMC executives has announced the acquisition of Questica who is a leading name in the financial technology company.  GTY Technology Holdings Inc. was formed in 2016 to identify and invest in emerging trends in the technology sector. The effort was initiated by former Accenture Chairman and CEO, William D. Green; former EMC Chairman and CEO, Joseph M. Tucci; and former EMC executive vice president, Harry L. You.

In a recent press release, Harry said, “The team behind GTY has witnessed and helped guide major transformations of the private sector driven by technology. We see the same opportunity now for the public sectors. We quickly saw that Questica and its peers were leading and defining the digital transformation with state and local government agencies.” GTY Technology Holdings Inc. has newly acquired 6 companies that include Bonfire, CityBase, eCivis, OpenCounter, Questica, and Sherpa Government Solutions.

All the above companies are leaders in their respective segments of procurement, payments, portals, budgeting, and transparency. Stephen Rohleder, one of the directors of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. and former Accenture chief operating officer and CEO of its health and public service group, is now chairman and CEO of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. He will also continue to serve as a chief financial officer of the new entity.

Today, cloud-based software solutions play an important key role in empowering organizations to transform their business processes, meet their goals and planned objectives. It also improves stakeholder experience and engagement.

The CEO and founder of Questica, TJ Parass said, “We are pleased to become a part of the GTY and group of companies under such esteemed leadership. Together, we are well-positioned to drive digital transformations, innovation, and growth. We can together create new opportunities for customers, employees, and shareholders. Our team is looking forward to leveraging our 20 years of experience in technology to create greater organizational and community impact for our collective 2,000 customers in the industry.


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