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How Digitalzone Helped Identify & Promote an Effective System Evaluation Checklist for ERP Vendors

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The Overview:

Acumatica is one of the giants in the industry when it comes to developing cloud-and-browser-based enterprise resource planning software. The company has provided its services to many other large firms in the past and plans to continue on doing so in the days to come too. A lot of

ERP vendors work on cloud software for different purposes and over time they have found that it has definitely helped them in making business processes better.

The Challenge:

With a view to growing their business and making more people and firms aware of the business management system evaluation checklist, Acumatica came to Digitalzone Business Consulting for assistance. At their hands, they had a well-developed checklist created to target ERP vendors with a view to making their work easy and stress-free. The newly developed checklist was perfect to eliminate glitches in the process and for a better, systematic flow.


To take the campaign ahead, first things first, we at Digitalzone Business Consulting started by understanding the primary need for the checklist. After an in-depth understanding of how the campaign was capable of helping companies, the next step involved targeting the challenge. The challenge comprised of five important categories that Acumatica was looking to target: productivity, functionality, technology, value, and risk.

The Campaign:

The Acumatica campaign was meant to target professional and service firms that worked extensively with an ERP system. The checklist although extensive was very practical and put together in an easy-to-understand method. It highlighted everything that Acumatica could provide in a synchronized manner and also helped to reach out directly to the professionals.


Digitalzone Business Consulting understood that this document was indeed a very beneficial one and only if taken to decision-makers will it be truly read and valued. To make the campaign a success, we first started by reaching out to the companies we could target. Once a list was put in place, the next step involved reaching out to the decision makers. We learned that when the decision makers were targeted and informed about the value of the business management system evaluation checklist, they really understood how useful and effective it was. With this in place, our next step was to connect with them, give them a better brief about the company and what they were offering so they could be transformed into successful leads.

The Result:

Once the campaign kick-started, a lot of people seemed pleased with receiving details about the checklist and found that it would definitely go a long way with them for making processes easy. The campaign thus indeed turned out very successful and a lot of recipients turned into leads too.

Digitalzone Business Consulting thus managed to successfully promote the campaign along with making sure the checklist was effective and was ultimately put to use in a reward-bearing way.


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