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Lead Generation Channels that are Significant in the B2B World Today

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Like marketing, lead generation process too requires tremendous and sincere efforts both from the company and as well as its employees to reach to the top. However, with so many companies and even more people to reach out to, it is possible that most times efforts do get lost in confusion unless properly targeted. Even so, in this huge pool, only the very best manage to come on top and actually be noticed. So, the most effective way in this circle of B2b lead generation process is to target the best lead generation channels.

Here are 5 of the best lead generation channels that can be widely used across B2B businesses. Although these are tried-and-tested ways of getting ahead in the game, the best ideology is to work with one at a time, measure how you fare, monitor all aspects and then compare and choose.

1. Email Marketing:

A. recent report by Ascend2 claimed that email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for lead generation. Almost two decades old, email marketing is still going strong and is much loved and preferred when it comes to lead generation. Often seen as one of the most effective channels for lead generation process, the latest addition to it is making it personalized by way of including names, company names and other essentials even while mass mailing.


2. Search Engine Optimization:

Along with playing a heavy role in marketing, search engine optimization also works wonders when it comes to lead generation channels. SEO works by taking into account search engine ranking pages (SERP) that determines how a company’s website, social media and its overall rating exists. This is very important when it comes to organic traffic since the only way customers will come to know about the company is through search engines that zero it down to SEO. Considering its importance in reaching to customers, SEO makes for one of the most preferred channels in the industry.

3. Social Media Marketing:

Most companies constantly debate how effective or ineffective social media is. However, this is probably a comparison of both effective an ineffective strategies than the channel itself. When utilized well, social media marketing can be great for lead generation channels. Once your basic strategy is clear, social media can work wonders and give a boost to your lead generation. These strategies are great to start off with.

4. Content Marketing:

Known as the second most effective lead generation strategy by Ascend2, content marketing is carefully considered by most companies before going for it. The reason? The constant need for flawless, interesting, original and up-to-date content. For content marketing, the best thing is to experiment with different ways like blogs, white papers, PDF’s etc. and then measure and opt for the best one. For this, having someone who is great with content development is needed.


5. Website:

Making your website the best medium of lead generation channels can be super! This is one way to increase visibility with your audience and something that will yield more results the more you put into it. Along with the website, your landing pages also need to be equally attractive to gain attention and are hence extremely crucial. Check on various aspects of the website like – SEO, design, content, ease of usage and so on.

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