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10 Mind-Blowing Marketing Trends that Every B2B Marketer Should Abide By

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Marketers today know better than following age-old tactics to keep up business. Since the world has seen such a massive change in the fields of marketing and sales, it is only given that persons who take to promoting their products should also keep up in the same manner.

The year 2017 especially, has been full of surprises in the field of digital marketing. With so many companies moving full-fledged to make a mark in the industry, marketers have come up with many innovative and unique methods to get ahead in the game. With a view to create a structured record and make present & future marketers aware of these marketing trends, here is a list of 10 marketing trends that 2017 has seen:


1. Social media marketing
Social media marketing is perhaps the most beneficial yet criticized marketing strategy. Today, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are some of the most widely used tools for marketing. Several platforms also offer additional tools to promote social media content better.

USE THIS TO:  Gain followers, show competitors you exist and thus, increase visibility for clients along with making a mark in the digital world.

1. Visual content marketing
Modern marketers largely believe that visual content like infographics, vlogs, videos; pictures and even memes go a long way in marketing. B2B marketing also benefits largely from video content marketing. Research also shows that the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual – target visual content for quick results.

USE THIS TO: Save a ton of time, money and effort, that can be utilized in other segments.

1. Influencer marketing
The primary meaning of influencer marketing refers to targeting the influential persons and not the market as a whole. This type of marketing requires building a strong relationship with a person who can then go ahead and market your products or services to the end consumer. Influencer marketing means less hassle for the marketer and better and faster results than doing it themselves.

USE THIS TO: If you are looking for a strategy which means less hassle for the marketer and better and faster results than other mediums.

1. Native advertising
One of the best forms of advertising to build trust and engagement of users, native advertising refers to paid content that is promoted on platforms that sync with its form and functions. Native advertising and marketing through this channel have proven to be 308x timed better in gaining consumer attention.

USE THIS TO: Make sure more consumers get affected by your advertising and get your firm better response than editorial content.

1. Agile marketing
Perfect for bigger projects, agile marketing works by targeting various high-value projects by a specific team of marketers to derive data and results. A newer concept than others, this can work wonders if you understand each aspect of its functioning in depth.

USE THIS TO: Build great interactions with your clients, for collaborations and it also provides good transparency.

 1. Artificial intelligence / Machine learning
“Artificial intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals,” states Wikipedia. Artificial Intelligence, also known as machine learning is the most trending technology and requires minimal human assistance.

USE THIS TO: Make an impact in segments like PPC advertising, content creation, making website experiences personalized, chatbots, mass emailing, market automation and social media growth.


1. Customer experience balance
One of the easiest marketing trends understood by B2B marketers, customer experience balance basically refers to creating a professional relationship with the customer with a view to make his or her experience better. Customer experience balance makes this strategy more personalized than others.

USE THIS TO: Get timely customer feedback, provide excellent support, make clients feel valued and stay connected whenever needed.

1. Executive branding strategy
An amazing marketing principle, executive branding refers to an executive taking an initiative to market products. The employee or face of the company needs to have a powerful command and can thus, work towards creating a mark for the company in a definitive manner. Good executive branding also requires proper planning, structured steps and a definitive area to target before it is initiated.

USE THIS TO: Create a brand name/image of your organization and is great for start-ups.

1. Experiential marketing
Experimenting marketing works for smaller firms or for targeting a new campaign by helping the company to get a rough idea about the pros and cons of using their technique while marketing for a firm. This kind requires an experiment or test that happens before running the core campaign and can help prevent major losses both in time and money.

USE THIS TO: Target new or small campaigns or those which require a lot of planning before execution.

1. Mobile marketing
A simple form of marketing, this one uses sources like SMS, MMS, and mobile applications to market their offerings. Today, with almost every human being owning a mobile phone, mobile marketing is growing every day.

USE THIS TO: Mobile marketing is instant, simple, economical, convenient and personalized.

Although these trends have shown an amazing response in the companies they were utilized in, it may take marketers to do a lot of trial-and-error in order to make them suitable for their firm. These marketing trends & strategies need to be executed in a skillful manner to ensure they show excellent results. Going ahead, it is also possible that by the end of 2018, we have a completely new set of future marketing trends that more users can use to make the best of digital marketing in their own companies.

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