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How Digitalzone Helped in Making Ecommerce One of the Most Popular Global Purchasing Platforms for a Client

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The Overview:

With Digitalzone there rarely has been an instance where we couldn’t help the client and provide him assistance with the problem he came to us for. In recent years, E-commerce became something that was used all over the world by so many people. The number of e-commerce businesses has boomed and even more progress is about to be witnessed in the years to come. To make up for this, people all over the world love opting for e-commerce as opposed to other means of buying or selling. The reason behind this huge amount of popularity as compared to all other means is probably ease of usage, saving time, more options and universally available products on a single platform.

So let’s see what Digitalzone’s challenge was when it came to an e-commerce challenge and a client of theirs needed assistance.


The Challenge:

Digitalzone’s main challenge here was to build up data of the number of users that opted for e-commerce as opposed to other means of purchasing. We also had to understand why it was one of the most popular ones while others lacked behind. The challenge here was understood through Bronto’s report – why varying numbers of people across different countries opted for e-commerce and the need to do so.

WHAT WE DID: Digitalzone Business Consulting in this regard managed to take on the challenge and reach out to the end users. We helped Bronto pitch this report to their clients and pass on the knowledge to those in the field with a view to make their understanding of the e-commerce industry much better.


The Campaign:

Bronto, a company that provides cloud-based commerce marketing automation platforms to mid-market and enterprise organizations worldwide put together an informative whitepaper on their research of e-commerce.

WHAT WE DID: Digitalzone Business Consulting helped in this campaign to promote understanding of the various aspects of e-commerce. The study was done taking into account people all over the world. Digitalzone Business Consulting, the firm that helped Bronto take up the campaign created an interesting outlook to put the case forth. We worked with the idea of communicating this with relevant companies for a better understanding and further reached out to them via calls.


The Result:

As per the campaign by Digitalzone Business Consulting a lot of firms were unaware of the statistics and we helped push forth the information in a justified manner. By getting to the end consumers through a structured campaign and prepared with the statistics that the report gave to us, we were confident to take it on even better. Once the idea reached the companies, they themselves came forward to know more about the study as this sparked curiosity.

WHAT WE DID: Digitalzone Business Consulting got a stellar outcome of this campaign that helped the client company and its prospects equally. Further, we are sure that the details and valuable information shared by us will definitely help them in making their e-commerce journey better.


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