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How Digitalzone Helped its Client to Make Sales Better by Converting Shoppers into Buyers

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The Overview:

With thousands of brand names, international labels & stores available to customers at the click of a mouse, the world is shrinking in terms of e-commerce. Although this is great news for shoppers and buyers, it is for the sellers where the challenge lies – constantly having to better their products, marketing strategies, buyer-seller relationship and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to customer service & brand recognition.

Being a buyer or shopper may not seem to matter much when looking at it from a customers’ point of view. However, when it comes to the other side i.e. the seller, it can mean a win or lose situation – something that can truly MAKE or BREAK a business.

Digitalzone Business Consulting came forward to help.

The Challenge:

Our client here, Bronto, managed to dig deep to understand how to convert shoppers into buyers. This aspect enabled them to put together a study with the view of highlighting where brands were lacking and what could really be done to make things right. Here, the impact was on making the entire experience better and not just focusing on selling it to the customer.


Digitalzone Business Consulting understood the viewpoint and worked with a unique strategy. Upon reading, we understood that sellers would benefit largely through this PDF. It contained a lot of useful and rare data that was not available on the internet. Lastly, the document was specific and taught exactly what needed to be done using great examples of other successful brands in the same context.

The Campaign:

Distinguishing a brand to ensure brand recognition or sending reminder emails for something left in the cart, the campaign focused extensively on making things better from a customers’ viewpoint. While most sellers would think of small things to not make much of a difference to the buyer, they do. Some of the major aspects that help convert a shopper into a buyer are the humblest of things that sellers would overlook. These go on top of the list when it comes to making a difference.

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To start off with, Digitalzone Business Consulting started building a list of businesses those would benefit from the document and would be interested in learning more. E-commerce business owners, sellers, and few manufacturers fell into the circle. The prepared database was again sorted out to narrow down so we do not end up targeting the wrong people. Finally, the finished and most appropriate list was in place and ready for the next stage of the process.

The Result:

The campaign took a powerful start and going ahead took an even upward trend when e-commerce brands and managers begin seeing how valuable the PDF was and the difference it could make if applied to their businesses.


The campaign by Digitalzone Business Consulting was a success and businesses soon realized what needed to be done in order to get back in the game! With this realization and a well-done campaign, we hope to continue bridging the gap between businesses and customers in the days to come.

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