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The Overview

Previous methods of generating leads may not get you the same results today. Although some companies are still opting for cold calling and contact lists, the response is not the kind that is needed to deliver exceptional outcomes. In order to improve effectiveness, it is vital to pump up your game! CSI Accounting and Payroll, a leading firm that provides accounting, tax, monthly bookkeeping and payroll services was on the lookout to make their online presence better seen and put in substantial efforts into lead generation. To deviate from its traditional marketing methods and get the company a much-needed boost, CSI needed to pump up its game immediately.

The Challenge

After a thorough check, it was decided that the firm needed to concentrate on three major concerns:

  • To generate more contacts and reach out to their current audience, CSI required more traffic for its website
  • Even when people reached out to the website, it lacked good content and a place to discuss opportunities and services
  • Performance targets were not selected, pursued or scrutinized.

To solve these concerns, the firm required a good website that would help to enhance their lead generation, as well as pave the way for inbound marketing strategies.

The Campaign

The first stage comprised of developing an effective marketing strategy, after considering all key target points such as current marketing tactics, sales and marketing goals, domain authority and other important details. Secondly, an inbound marketing strategy was required, after which there was a requirement to address the current campaigns and promote growth.

The Results

Earlier, the company almost has none online presence. This aspect proved to have an impact on their growth and limited them to not be seen by a larger audience to lend their services. After using Hubspot and inbound marketing, the firm seemed to gain a much better response and made a good influence in terms of social media. Boosting their website was also beneficial for their business since visitors became more frequent and it increased the number of visitors to a considerable level.

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