Eight Exceptional Ideas about Content Marketing

Eight Exceptional Ideas about Content Marketing Correlated to Simple Life Lessons

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Multi-national firms, B2B companies, and even some start-ups make huge investments in terms of content marketing. However, establishing spectacular content strategies paired with immaculate, crisp and unique content is truly the only way to gain immense success through content marketing. So how do you merge these and what are good online content marketing strategies?

Curata, a quality content creation platform, recently revealed statistics through their research that 71% of brands had been successful in increasing their investment through content marketing. The primary question that lies here is how do you get there? A good start is to ensure all your live content is exclusive. Secondly, work towards bridging the gap between customers’ expectations and your offering. It is only when this gap is reduced that content will contribute towards marketing and will ultimately drive up sales. You may choose to broadcast your content live on blogs, Facebook, e-newsletters, LinkedIn and feature on the first page of search engine results (the latter through a rather fantastic SEO study); however, it is what finally what meets your user’s expectations and their requirement that matters to your business.

Given below are eight content strategies that are reflective of life lessons, which we have certainly come across at some point. The way these lessons imply to content marketing too, make them simple to relate and very significant.

1. Give each opportunity your 100%: Unless you resolve to create extremely exceptional content that will blow away your readers’ minds, it makes no difference whether you put it out there or not. Each post, blog, and article is an opportunity to gain a new subscriber, wow your current mailers’ list and ultimately improve business. While most firms focus wholly on driving up their word count, it takes more than lengthy blogs, targeted keywords, and multiple blog platforms to make your content speak out.

2. Learn from your experience and improvise: Content creation is the result of intense research, adaptability to different flairs and a vision to constantly learn and grow. One needs to identify the various styles of writing and types of content written in the past and evaluate the response it has received. Simply go with what works and cut down on what does not. Going ahead, this knowledge shall help in improvising the content game you seek to put on the table. The trick here is to try to gain a perspective of the clients’ anticipation and frame your content as per the demand.

3. Create your own pathway: Research, opinions, and statistics paint a far colorful picture than words strung together. While the motive highly lies in original, creative content, the finished piece befits much better when compiled with first-hand research, too. Research may be painstaking, needing you to create forms for feedback, ask for polls and reviews and talk to some of the best in the field; however, the result will speak for itself. Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing, hence ensure your research is concrete and enhances the value of the article without the view of promoting your own products or services.

4. What you see is what you believe: “Visual content, more creative storytelling, and interactive content contribute to experiences that inform and create an emotional connection with buyers. Brands are still creating more content, but it’s held to a higher standard by customers.” – Lee Odden CEO, TopRank Marketing.

Good quality, relevant and unique images are essential to bring forth the essence of a piece of content. With so many different options available in terms of adding visual value to your write-up, it is nothing less than a necessity to include images, animations, create infographics or even better, try embedding a video as part of your content. However, avoid using universal images. Another clever idea is to try to click your own pictures or hunt for some unpublished ones.

Check this Blogspot example:
content marketing is king
Another imaginative inclusion is using video to support content marketing. Rightly termed as the ‘future of content marketing,’ video marketing is here to shuffle and redefine the game of content marketing altogether. To describe the strategy, in a nutshell, video marketing should be kept short, creative, helpful, genuine, easy to share and of course, a little humor is always appreciated!

Treat others the way you wish to be treated:

Content success highly depends on how easy it is to read, if it solves your questions and if you would want someone else to read it too. If it ticks all the above boxes, you are good to go! If not, you require putting on your thinking cap and making it better and cleaner. Stick to basics and keep your structure precise. Do not drive your readers through sign-up forms, e-books and unnecessary product promotions with a view to maximizing sales. Stick to the primary goal of the write-up and appreciation will be certain. Try to keep it light and not too sale-y!

If you do not have something nice to say, say nothing at all:

“And remember: If it’s not relevant, it’s just noise.”- Jason Miller, American Communications Strategist

It is very easy for content developers to drift away from the primary goal of the content as they progress through multiple pages. However, this makes the write-up general, unsupportive and not very promising for the reader. Good content should be useful, entertaining, and fun to read and should contribute to the reader’s knowledge. Create content around relevant and informative points, deriving it from in-depth and unpublished data.

Challenges are a way of growing:

The ultimate goal in content marketing apart from driving up sales is also to make money from what you write. The best way to do that? Create a content-structure so extraordinary and essential that your readers feel compelled to read more. Until you gain a massive audience who would actually pay to read your next write-up, you need to keep going at it with everything you have! Start with baby steps and create stimulating reads. Treat each challenge as a way to grow and get better as you progress.

It is a good idea to take a break when you are exhausted:

Content creation can get tedious. With the pressure and deadlines to create beneficial and creative content, at the same time making sure it gets the message across effectively and is different from anything on the web, there is a lot that goes into developing attractive content. A good idea in life and otherwise is to take a break, clear your head and rejuvenate before starting again.

The “publish fast and finish first” theory does more harm than good when it comes to content marketing. Unless you have a horde of writers who can constantly churn out matter without measuring the response, work slowly. Give readers and subscribers enough time to absorb your posts and blogs without filling their pages with masses of content with a view to “gain attention.”

Try to understand what users look forward to and personalize your content instead of keeping it comprehensive as a mass-production unit would. Although creating effective content marketing strategies and deriving relevant content from them can be severely time-consuming and challenging, over a period it will definitely show its flawless results on your business.

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