Having a marketing calendar is pretty cool, but does your business have a smart and effective strategy for content marketing? For colossal business success, it is imperative to craft strategies that categorically align with your goals. This strategic alignment drives traffic as well as builds a robust brand. Only 20% B2B marketers rate their organization’s overall content marketing approach to be very successful. What makes the 20 percent hugely successful? Here’s what-

Content demographics

1. More branding, less selling

Branding builds trust. It is in fact the framework that builds long term business. If you’re trying to just aggressively sell, you are going to repel your audience and surely you want to do the exact opposite, captivate them. The difference? This is why brands like Coca-Cola and Nike are where they are because they focus on branding when everyone else is just trying to sell. It’s time to shift the focus!

2. Podcast

If you think you should wait further to check whether Podcast is for you, you are missing out on success. Podcast is soon going to take over as the number 1 content platform. Podcasts are also the best when it comes to storytelling. You hear the audio and conjure up the visuals in your head, this makes it extremely influential and persuasive. They are the blog posts that actually speak! Podcasts are now the best ways to reach out to your audience because they really connect.

3. Focus on Video

We as marketers were anticipating a year or two but the future of video is already here. It is a proven fact that videos augment conversions and engagement. People are far more likely to notice you if you produce video content. The power of video is real. Just imagine all the possibilities and opportunities it will create. Dive in, make it look professional and appealing. Videos encourage engagement as well as social sharing!

4. Tailor it!

Segment your audience and tailor your content accordingly. If you are one of those businesses that create one message and hope it is influencing and relevant enough, sorry to break the bubble; it’s not. Segment your audience depending on the demographics, stage of sales funnel, past behavior etc. Use buyer’s persona and target these categories individually, give them what they are looking for.

Other than the aforementioned keys, use a multichannel approach to target your consumers not just on LinkedIn and email but also on other platforms where they don’t quite expect it, like YouTube. Be consistent, create some evergreen content and try positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry. The internet is on its apex. Cash in on these trends because they wane just as fast as they wax!

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