Conversica’s new AI-powered Sales Assistant is here to create a spark in the B2B sales and marketing industry.

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Artificial Intelligence is picking trend in various sectors. Right from education to automation, everything is eventually integrating Artificial Intelligence. Ever heard of sales software that is integrated with AI? Can you imagine leads being closed by the help of Artificial Intelligence and a Virtual Persona? Well, Conversica is one of the leading names in the sales and marketing industry and they sure know how to make use of technological advances.

Based in the golden state of USA, Conversica helps close sales leads with the help of an ‘Automated Virtual Persona’. With Artificial Intelligence in place, the created persona does all the necessary work until the lead is ready to be closed. The virtual sales assistant by Conversica is AI-powered and does the majority of work like engage with the leads, qualify those leads, and then the sales assistant elevates those leads directly to the sales individual who is then responsible for closing those deals. Unlike any other software, the Virtual Assistant that is powered by AI at Conversica reads the complete message and doesn’t just capture keywords. This helps the assistant hold a proper human conversation and start an actual conversation therefore further engaging the lead.

The idea was to enable sales individual with time-saving methods where they could invest their time talking to the right people rather than simply cold calling individuals. Now, in this transformation of cold lead to lead qualification, the salesperson steps in when an individual has set up complete expectations of doing business. The sales assistant powered by AI has been personally programmed or rather trained to be attentive, not be rude, say the right thing at the right time, doesn’t hit the target too hard, warms them up a little bit and then engages them into it.

The Conversica built AI-powered sales assistant reaches out to everyone personally and therefore no one gets left behind. The software has been designed to be compatible with whatever email service you use or whatever CRM platform you use. You can also customize the working hours of your lead, title, the basics and then the assistant is good to start.

Conversica strongly believes that AI is the future and can spark love between the sales and marketing team with the right implementation.


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