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Development of AI – The New Take on Advertising

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Artificial intelligence has been the new topic of interest for all around the globe. It has been a point of interest ever since the idea of machine intelligence has surfaced. The discovery of the invention of AI has been both, a boon and a curse to mankind. Specifically speaking of people from the media industry.

In a recent article by IAB, they mentioned that Lexus had recently launched a new digital advertisement that was written by Artificial Intelligence. Considering that the advertisement was a work of machine learning, it stands to be exceptionally good. The details and ideation go well with the product branding. Artificial Intelligence is a way of making machines work and think just like a human. The decisions maybe lacking emotional intelligence back then but with time even that has been developed. With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the main question that arises is what does the future hold for human intelligence?

The progress of the advertising sector is only going to peak up as time passes in 2019. The industry will widely adapt to change and adopt artificial intelligence. The development of the very first Artificial Intelligence Script is an alarm that whatever you do, you must do good. There is always a machine alternative to do the job. Considering how the industry has been advancing, we will soon have to scale up our performance game to match up the quotient of the machine intelligence.

There is no space for negligence, alteration, plagiarism, or average work. The industry will hold no excuses for poor performance, not-so-great inputs, mediocre creativity, and unimpressive work. Unlike always, the competition this time is with self-created machine intelligence. The advertising sector has already started showing signs of an alternate workforce and studies suggest in no time, 80% of the advertising fraternity will be governed by Artificial Intelligence.

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