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How We Helped a Client Promote His Word about Making Communication Better For Customers

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The Overview:

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business. Be it internally with employees or externally with clients, firms make sure they are always on top of their game. Good communication means resolving issues within time, having a strong key approach when going forth and being at the customers’ disposal whenever the need arises. For all of this, good communication is key and paying attention to it is as good as paying attention to your customers and their word – something that definitely says a lot about a firm.

Digitalzone Business Consulting agreed to take it forward for them.

The Challenge:

The company was ‘Dialpad’ and is associated with providing a cloud-based phone system to ease out communication between companies and companies or companies and customers. The firm has worked hard to create a single-service communication platform that collaborates and works on existing databases so you don’t have to take care of massive transfer changes.


At Digitalzone Business Consulting, we identified exactly what loopholes ‘Dialpad’ would be able to target. After this, it was essential to get an in-depth idea of the software to make sure we would be ready to speak to customers if they had any questions. With a communication product in hand, it was easy to understand the target market and the customers. We made sure we were well-versed with the features and aspects to promote the product like a top game! Dialpad understood our intentions and was happy with the way we proposed to structure the campaign.

The Campaign:

The campaign started with an understanding about the product, the target audience, reach expected, industries and all other specifications. With this in place, it became easy for us to visualize what exactly was in the mind of the client and directing our efforts seemed more result-oriented.


With the Dialpad campaign in place, Digitalzone Business Consulting first and foremost took to design the POC. An attractive POC with all the details, images and information of the whitepaper was put in. In the document, a study by Dialpad comprising details for altering the ways and means of business communication was involved and was targeted to most companies across varied industries.

The Result:

With a structural format in place about how to go about the campaign, the prepared database was duly targeted. This helped in connecting with just the right prospects. Digitalzone Business Consulting then made sure to inform them about the details, specifications and various features of the product that would match with the business operations.


In the end, the campaign was a big success as many clients who were reached out to, came forward and understood the ability and importance of the product being marketed. Going ahead, Dialpad and Digitalzone Business Consulting hope to connect with more companies with the intention to make communication process and its flow better, easy and more systematic

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