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How can you refine digital media marketing utilizing artificial intelligence (AI)

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Since centuries, human beings have been known to be the most accomplished and resourceful species on earth. Such creatures have changed, grown and progressed over the ages and have left no aspect impossible today. However, ever since we have also known that with such precise human-like imagination, thought processes and a dynamic ocean of knowledge are impossible for any machine or artificial non-human domain to recreate. Today, this very thought process has been changed by Artificial Intelligence or AI, which refers to all the tasks that are generally performed by humans now being performed by computers or machines. In fact, today, a large number of functions like visual recognition, speech translation & recognition, and decision-making is entirely done by machines and majorly by computers.

Apart from millions of uses of AI all over the world, one of its uses is also in marketing. In today’s day and age, marketing is not easy. Endorsing a merchandise in a sea of products, in which each one is grander to the other, is very complex. Lately, the latest trend in the industry is emerging B2B marketing with AI.

Here are some applications of AI in digital marketing:

  • Auto-generated content: Gartner predicted, “By 2018, 20% of all business content will be authored by machines.” However, before jumping to assumptions, a good idea is to step back and understand that computers are already creating even today content. Although this content is no different from that made by humans, it definitely lacks the human touch, a vital element to make an impact on readers.
  • Smart content creation: Smart content is tailor-made content to target a specific domain. Using AI, smart content is created to save time, make sure the right content reaches the right audience and get maximum responses.
  • Voice search: One of the most commendable discoveries of AI, voice search allows individuals to search on the internet using only their voice. An excellent option for especially abled people, voice search is also convenient as a hands-free mode and makes processes very simple.
  • Chatbots: This one has simplified one of the most complex processes for any website i.e. monitoring online traffic without any human efforts. Such automated chat systems ensure that a visitor is never left unattended to and the information is sent out consistently. AI definitely helps in making lengthy processes simple and less time-consuming.
  • Predictive customer service: By combining artificial intelligence with digital marketing to exceed customer expectations, firms go beyond to recognize what the customer wants. AI goes a step further and tries to predict this need.
  • Segmentation: Segmentation in terms of AI is applicable in different aspects. A large number of industries and domains make utilization of segmentation to add uniformity to their processes. AI takes this a step further by making the system very simple, result oriented and efficient.
  • Sales process improvement: An upcoming digital marketing trend, this one goes beyond the regular to improve sales processes. Not limited to any one particular process, AI helps rectify and smoothen several different processes in sales and makes sure the result is flawless.

Thus, AI or artificial intelligence has touched our lives in more than one ways. A process that seems impossible a few years ago is now not only working but also is changing the expertise of how things are done. Moreover, the results obtained because of this amazing technology are brilliant. A part that will soon be the future of digital marketing, AI has changed the world drastically and is leaving no stone unturned as it progresses.

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