Digitalzone is now certified in England and Wales - Press release

Digitalzone is now certified in England and Wales – A step that paves way for bigger challenges and more success

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(This press release is targeted to make clients and future patrons aware about Digitalzone’s latest accomplishment.)

Digitalzone Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is now a registered company in the United Kingdom. On 21st June 2018, the Companies House Cardiff for England and Wales certified its registration. Incorporated under the Companies Act 2006, Digitalzone is a privately owned company in Pune, India. The company’s offshore station is now in London (27, Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX).

Having started out in India, it was not long before Digitalzone started its journey to success. Today, after 5 years of incorporation, the company has grown and is also responsible for a considerable amount of success. With a steadfast team and stern focus on discipline and quality, the organization is now associated with a number of renowned brand names all across the globe.

Digitalzone Business Consulting Private Limited has its headquarters based in Pune, India and currently has a large number of client-base including Dell, Oracle, IBM, Cisco and many more. Ever since its conception, Digitalzone had its views set high on achieving everything in the industry of B2B technology and consulting, along with providing clients with the best they wished to receive. Over time, as their relationship with businesses improved, the trust increased, more business opportunities came forth and then, there was no looking back.

Mr Mohammed Tareeq, Chairman and Founder of Digitalzone has been through it all and feels there is still more to look forward to. “Digitalzone started small and yet it grew consistently since we were constantly focused on quality, service and time. We were also fortunate to start with a dedicated team and the same continues even today. Overcoming new challenges every day only made us better and stronger – the reason why this huge achievement means the world to us! Going forth, I only wish the company grows to be bigger, not in the number of associated clients but deliverance speed, superior quality and customer satisfaction.”

Going forth, Digitalzone is on a mission to make the industry better and bring together more opportunities in the field of B2B marketing.

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