DiscoverOrg Acquires NeverBounce

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It was a big day for a renowned company who believes that ‘email address is the first line of communication with the customer.’ NeverBounce, an esteemed name in the email cleaning and email verification industry was recently acquired by one of the biggest data company of our time, DiscoverOrg. The recent acquisition makes the strongest data company further enhanced and equipped for better data utilization in the marketing domain. As for NeverBounce, the leading email verification and cleansing software are used by over 100,000 sales and marketing professionals across the globe. With the acquisition of both the leading names, the outcome of marketing performance goes a notch higher.

NeverBounce is embedded in the quality control process for both DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo. The company’s two industry-leading sales and marketing intelligence platforms make it even more precise to target the customers. With the new take-over of the company, the email addresses present with DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo will now be periodically verified and cleansed using NeverBounce’s proprietary process. The acquisition of NeverBounce also reminds us of DiscoverOrg’s recent takeover of ZoomInfo. The merger has been relatively fruitful and the acquisition of NeverBounce will add a feather to DiscoverOrg’s cap of strength and capabilities further making the marketing functionality stronger.

As per the plan laid, by next year, NeverBounce capabilities are planned to build into the company’s products. This includes the company’s data enrichment platform, Enrich. The new build will help and benefit the customers will not only for enhanced accuracy with the in-platform emails but, it will also help in seamlessly verifying all other email data sitting in their internal sales and marketing systems. The platform will be enabled to verify data not only from the in-house platforms but also perform seamless verification of email addresses from other data sources.

As for the recent merger, the sales and marketing teams all across the globe have kept high hopes and aim at improving their execution by making the best of the new merger.


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