DiscoverORG acquires ZoomInfo

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Two leading names in the industry combine to create a seamless sales and marketing experience. DiscoverORG takes a leap to make the database industry stronger. While both companies sell marketing tools, ZoomInfo holds a database of over 100 million professionals worldwide. On the other hand, DiscoverORG holds the sales prospect data for perfect business closures.

Started the company as a 23-year-old in 2007, Co-founder and CEO of DiscoverORG, Henry Schuck once said, “High-quality data is the fundamental go-to-market requirement for growth”. By acquiring ZoomInfo, DiscoverORG has now created a stronger data, sales, and marketing blend to cater to the industry.

One of the leading names in the sales and marketing industry, DiscoverORG now aims at creating a comprehensive B2B data platform that will help the industry to penetrate directly to their target audience. Henry Schuck spoke to the press in a statement “Combined, DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo deliver the trifecta: B2B data of the highest quality, quantity, and depth.”

The company plans to release a “light” integration later this month to begin easing the way for a future combined software and database toolset. “The initial integration will make it easier for mutual customers to access both separate platforms,” DiscoverOrg president Katie Bullard told B2B News Network via e-mail. “Less than five percent of our customer base is overlapping. The acquisition will increase the overall size of DiscoverOrg’s addressable market.”

Considering the take-over, DiscoverORG will lead the combined organization, which now serves nearly 15,000 customers and 120,000 users. ZoomInfo CEO Derek Schoettle will assume an advisory role during the transition.

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