Effective Selling Techniques that work in 2019

Effective Selling Techniques that work in 2019

It’s not about the script, it’s about closing. The word ‘sales’ is so inextricably intertwined with business that we cannot even imagine a business existing without sales. Great sales bring greater revenue and isn’t that what businesses seek in the first place? Isn’t that what brings profits? The bitter truth is- there is a plethora of selling techniques you can use but only a few of them work. Here are the effective ones to augment your sales and grow your business multifold-

1. Smarketing

Companies do much better when the sales and marketing teams are aligned. Businesses are 67% better at closing deals when sales and marketing work together. Why? Maximizing both efficiency and profits calls for collaboration. Sales and Marketing teams can work together to engage the right prospects at the right time and save business resources. Their goal is one. The sooner the teams realize it, the better it is for the business.

2. Leverage Emotions

You know what sells? Emotions. Dale Carnegie rightly said “Success in dealing with people depends on a sympathetic grasp of the other person’s viewpoint”. We as humans have innate desires- desire to feel respected, connected and valued amongst others. These emotions are what make people want to buy all that they do. Psychological triggers like social proof can make sales go through the roof!

Happy Sales to you
3. Build Rapport

You know what great salespeople do? They connect. Each call is different for them and brings a new experience rather than monotony and tedium. Best salespeople know it’s not just about one conversation, it’s building business. Empathize with your prospects and be a good listener. Be comfortable because if you’re uncomfortable, there’s no way your prospects can feel the comfort! Make it about them, not about you.

4. Find Pain Points

People buy products and services for a reason- they want to feel better, they want their lives to be better. If your product or service addresses their problems and issues, you can sell very easily. Put yourself in their shoes and think why they would want to buy what you have to offer. Discover their pain points. Tell them you have a solution!

Find Pain Points
5. Effective Follow-ups

There are times when you connect with your prospects on the first try but that does not happy very often. Most of the times, you’ll get to hear “I’m busy right now” or worse “I’m in a meeting”. Also, people take their own sweet time to buy. This is where follow-ups come in picture. Don’t call that prospect back and you might just lose them. To communicate, choose the right channel and when you get a chance to do so, always talk about value before you talk about the price!

Effective Follow-ups

Selling is an art but it’s also science- thanks to technology! With the change in buying behavior, the selling techniques have to change too. You cannot expect to win sales without keeping pace with the technological advancements. But don’t forget, even with all the tech around, people and not robots are going to use your products and services so you might as well treat them like humans and not transactions!

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