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Event Promotion Services

Age-old tactics of unsolicited emails do not work anymore. If you are organizing an event, a personalized and creative online method is the best way to generate interest and maximize bookings. Well aware of the length to which firms go in order to create visibility and market their event, we understand how important it becomes for the client to ensure they stand out right from the initial steps. Regardless of how well-known the company is or how many followers they have on social media; a good event promotion strategy is always needed. Further, abiding by one takes one very important thing off your list and allows you to concentrate on the rest.

We at Digitalzone realize how important event promotion is. In fact, compared to other services that follow a set procedure, this is one that requires something new with each client. With so many events in place, the world is bustling with ideas and each one that comes in here needs to be addressed in a spectacular way! Also, with every event, everything from the requirement to the target market, target audience, results needed, time span etc. changes making it a challenge. However, this is exactly what we love at Digitalzone – being fascinated by offerings and working hard to make every clients’ work truly stand out!

When it comes to event promotion, Digitalzone focuses on the following areas:

  • Creativity: It takes a lot to stand out while promoting events and even more to be creative. With so many companies competing head-to-head, making sure our strategies and efforts stand out is important and at Digitalzone we make certain they do.
  • Reach: Event promotion has one vital criterion – more the people that come to know about it, better its result and attendance ratio. We ensure we target the best and most relevant contacts for the appropriate event.
  • Target audience: Targeting the right people makes a huge difference. It is never about a larger audience but the most pertinent ones. This goes a long way in event promotion and helps in getting great results.
  • Need: Making sure the person has a requirement for the event is a critical understanding. Imagine having someone attend a webinar that does not have anything to offer to his company/industry. To avoid this, we make sure we perform a detailed research before we proceed.
  • Follow-up: With certain events, one needs to attend or be present at the mentioned time for him to be counted as an ‘attendant’ of the event. However, busy schedules may often result in them forgetting about it and thus all the efforts go to waste. To eliminate this scenario, we make sure we reach out through follow-up or reminder calls/emails as appropriate.

We, therefore, go to leaps and bounds to customize event promotion service in order to create good pre-sales and marketing entities for your events and help you shine out amongst the rest. With the right weapons, the event becomes less stressful, more fruitful and truly enjoyable! Targeting the pre-marketing time of an event ensures that the rest of the path is structured, executed smoothly and the small obstacles that may come into the picture at a much later stage can also be taken care of.


At Digitalzone, YOU are the focus of everything we do. We seldom emphasize what we can offer but rather on what our clients necessitate. By making your needs our priority, we target on building a business that’s CUSTOMER-CENTRIC in every way!

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