Facebook’s ultimate messaging platform

Facebook Plans on Merging WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram for the Ultimate Messaging Platform

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There was sheer chaos after Facebook gave a hint of what it was planning for in the future! Like always, we have always used different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for different reasons: personal, professional, building connections, networking etc. however, if someone were to question the outcome of the amalgamation of these, we wouldn’t be so sure of the results.

However, that’s exactly what the big plans for the giants of social media look like – Zuckerberg plans on combining all 3 into create a single, unified and secure platform in the coming years. In 2011, Facebook took over Instagram for $1B and later in 2014 WhatsApp was also brought for a cool $19B. At present, users across the world are active on all 3 platforms; however, some may be active on only 1 or 2 and this integration will hopefully create the perfect platform to bring a broad magnitude of users successfully together.

The “new platform” will have end-to-end encryption that is currently a feature only on WhatsApp but lacks on Instagram and Facebook. Hence, users will definitely be safer and their content & sharing will be limited to the sender and receiver.

“The integration that we’re thinking about, we’re really early in thinking through this. There’s a lot more we need to figure out. To whatever term we end up doing this — would likely not show up until 2020 and beyond. I think it’s the direction we should be going with more things in the future,” said CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg. Another aspect that Mark stressed upon was that the new integration will hopefully eliminate many gaps in communication across these channels and would create an “iMessage-like layer for SMS.”

While the dates aren’t disclosed yet, it will definitely be something a lot of businesses, marketers, publishers and even individuals will be waiting eagerly. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for a truly magnificent one-stop social platform of the future!


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