Google to Attack a $129 Billion Industry

Google to Attack a $129 Billion Industry

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This is a story about paying attention to the details that really matter and paying a little less attention to the ones that don’t.

As though there weren’t enough competitors in the pool, the giant whale decides to enter the mainstream. This could be termed as a nightmare for all those from the media and marketing industry. What’s worse than finding out that your direct competition would now be Google?

According to the Wall street Journal who revealed at its developer conference in Mountain View, California; Google projected a way to facilitate user privacy, by letting users take control over the internet cookies that help advertisers identify them. While big numbers are difficult to interpret, $80.8 billion is a truly staggering amount. That is also a staggering share of the global advertising industry. Half of the world’s ad dollars are put into advertising and marketing which no doubt explains why Google wants to now step in the ocean of advertising. It wouldn’t be hard to consider that slicing into the technical tools that advertisers use could be disruptive. But of course, Google is a dominant player by far in the $129 billion worth digital advertising industry. Now that Google is entering the advertising industry, it also means with impeccable accessibility and deliverance, advertising will now drop-ship excellent user experience.

Reports claim that Google has been creating a dashboard within the Chrome browser that allows the users to easily see all the cookies that are tracking them. It also enables them to easily delete the cookies if they do not wish to keep their data out on the internet. Browsers like Safari and Firefox have a much smaller market share, but they now restrict much of advertisers’ cookie activity by default and so is the plan for Google Chrome. The Journal reports, they have been weighing and working on the said change for six long years now.

The Journal also termed the technical difficulty of the said update “a complicated sell” to convince users that it is truly motivated by user privacy.

This isn’t Google entering the advertising domain; it is them creating the digital medium of advertising. As they say, TV and newspapers are out. Facebook and Google are in. Google isn’t a company entering a domain; it is an industry by itself.


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