Who We Are?

Digitalzone is a flourishing global B2B marketing company that assists in enhancing marketing activities through proficient inside sales, pre-sales & lead generation processes. Digitalzone makes for one of the most promising and desirable firms in its genre.

Our prime focus is on guest writers who can write and enhance what we do. Keeping this in mind, we are focusing on going ahead with some great content and enriching the reading experience of our followers. Having said that, our writers are free to choose from any topic - our services, company information, what we offer and more. Alongside, guest writers are more than welcome to write about general B2B marketing and services too.

If you feel your contribution can value our firm and the added visibility you get through us would do you good, go ahead, pen down something fantastic and drop it via a quick email to admin@digitalzonein.com The time for approval and final publishing is minimum 24 hours.

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As part of our editorial policy, kindly refrain from using any kind of hate speech, abusive language, crude or violent content, personal or confidential information, spam, images, video or content that have copyright. To ensure good harmony between us and the writers we encourage to make use of original content, links, images, podcasts, videos and codes, as needed. To increase your chances of posting, include keywords and relevant hyperlinks etc. that will also make the content better. Also, make sure the word count is kept between 600-1000 words along with a headline of 160 words or less. Include a META description for brownie points!

The email sent should include:

  • Your name
  • Work email address (please note that free emails (Gmail,Yahoo etc.) won’t be entertained; kindly use an official email ID only)
  • Author brief bio (LinkedIn Profile Link is helpful)
  • The content & image attachment (Banner JPG[750 X 450] in pixels and Content should be in ".Docx" file)
  • Headline