Hidden Instagram Hacks to Drive Better Visibility

Hidden Instagram Hacks to Drive Better Visibility

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Instagram is a favorite of many marketers. The reasons are plenty – visibility on Instagram, great content-sharing experience and an opportunity to impress your target audience. A fairly new platform as compared to Facebook and Twitter, the rate at which Instagram has managed to grow has been surreal and a real eye-opener for marketers. When initially launched, most people did not assume that its popularity would shoot up so often, however, it did. Another reason why Instagram was loved by folks around the world was probably that it focused on the simplest requirement – a good picture, some hashtags and a caption (optional) and that’s about it! Today, the volume of business that Instagram has generated is pretty massive and it has made its mark across individuals, businesses, industries, groups, celebrities, chefs and more. In short, Instagram is a social media platform that has made a heavy global impact and definitely has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.

A lot of times, it has been seen that Instagram was used a lot for business. Everything from brand growth, visibility, customer engagement, and retention was targeted and the platform gave some amazing results. With such a huge subscriber base, goals are easily met and even the most naïve of brands work the social platform flawlessly.

However, like all others, certain Instagram growth hacks are now a part of the show and work exceptionally well when certain goals are considered. To make matters easy, here is a list of easy Instagram hacks that work and something you can apply to both business and personal accounts to get the most out of it!

The best 7 Instagram hacks that actually work:

1. Enable notifications on your favorite posts:

Love a particular account? How about getting notified each time they post something? Well, with the new notifications setting this has become a reality! Click the ‘turn on post notifications’ in the settings of a post and each time something new gets featured on their feed, you get a notification! How cool, isn’t it?

2. Manage multiple accounts with the same app:

Do you handle multiple accounts and need to remember usernames and passwords for all of them? By choosing the ‘add account’ setting and updating all other account details will gear you up to handle all of them at the touch of a button! You will be asked which one you need to log in each time you sign out of an account.

3. Schedule posts to save time:

You need to have an Instagram Business Account for this. Once you do, you can choose when you wish to schedule posts for the future and thus forget the hassle of updating from time-to-time. This feature is especially great for company/corporate accounts that need to have a post featured almost every other day.

4. Save those stories:

Your stories feature for a mere 24 hours and disappear forever after that! But what about those that turned into amazing clicks that you wish to retain for longer? Well, opting to publish them as a post is not the only way not, you can also ‘highlight’ stories. These will then be shown on top of your profile in line with the bio and anybody who can see your profile can also view these.

5. Follow hashtags:

Know of a particular hashtag like #BBQChicken #ChristmasDecorations or #BlueShoes that particularly interest you? How about getting to see all the posts that include this right on your feed? Well, Instagram now allows this and once you choose to ‘follow a hashtag’ the particular posts from users around the world that they will come onto your feed!

6. Check pictures quickly without having to open them:

Checking out someone’s feed and don’t wish to open every image to see it? Well, you can now simply long-press on a picture to open it halfway and lift again for it to go back. You cannot see the caption, comments etc. but the picture opens up real-size to check it out clearly without wasting time!

7. Not all stories need to be public?

Have an interesting story to put up and worried that everybody on your list may see it? Instagram now has an option to post stories only for ‘friends’ that you can select from your list so the entire world doesn’t see what you’ve put up! So there you go, post away! Do note that these too will feature only for 24 hours and you would need to ‘highlight’ them to make they stay longer.

So, these Instagram hacks and tips will definitely make handling and using the platform a whole lot easy. It will also help to increase Instagram visibility to a large extent. It is a wise step to take various aspects into consideration before implementing certain strategies and then look back to see the progress it is going to make.


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