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How Digitalzone Came Forth to Help a Company Market their Product for a Surgical Smoke-Free Environment

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The Overview:

Buffalo Filter is a company that targets the concept of providing cleaner air through the process of eliminating hazardous pollutants. While the issue of environmental pollution has been at risk ever since, many new additions keep adding to it, making processes difficult. Since the environment is the most common one and also because it affects people in general, a lot of companies have been trying to work on the issue to minimize its harm. However, what goes beyond realization is that several other forms of pollutants are also present and due to the fact that nobody is concerned about them, makes them a bigger risk in the near future.


The Challenge:

A globally recognized company came forward with its unique ability to minimize the harm that surgical smoke adds to the lives of healthcare professionals. Making workplaces safer to work and creating an enriching environment for professionals was the key target of Buffalo Filter. Their products were designed flawlessly to target the core issue and simply needed the right marketing to get the limelight they needed.

Here, Digitalzone Business Consulting stepped up and decided to join hands with Buffalo Filter to market this fabulous product to the right audience.


As Buffalo Filter was a company that saw its product as an addition to the medical industry with a way to make the lives of surgeons and professionals better, we understood their core idea. To begin with, Digitalzone Business Consulting had to comprehend the core details of the product for we had to market them in the best way possible. This could only be done after an in-depth understanding of how the product would rightfully fit into the medical scenario and make processes better by reducing risks. With Buffalo Filter, another challenge was that surgical smoke was still unknown and unattended to by many medical institutions.

The Campaign:

With the determination of ensuring the word spreads to the right people and with the aim of helping people to the best of our ability, we structured a campaign: the prime target of the company was to reach out to those companies and institutions that would majorly benefit from utilizing the product to get a surgical smoke-free environment.

However, Digitalzone Business Consulting also realized that if more companies and people were made aware of it, the motive behind marketing the product would be even better.


To start off with, we generated a list of all the companies where we could market the product. With a company as strong as Buffalo Filter that had been in the industry for a long time and was widely known for its offerings, getting leads for Digitalzone Business Consulting wasn’t very difficult.

The Result:

Digitalzone Business Consulting succeeded in gaining attention and reaching out to the right people and institutions that would benefit by using Buffalo Filter. Further, the campaign was a success and we are definitely looking forward to making many more institutions better through effective smoke-free solutions.


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