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How Digitalzone Helped Spread the Word about Extreme Cyber Security for Companies

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The Overview:

The need for cybersecurity has increased tremendously in the past years. With a ton of frauds that have come to light, companies have definitely become very cautious about how they choose to function, the data being stored and saved and how they comply with certain regulations to ensure safety across the organization. Even so, at times the risk of safety cannot be measured and may prove a threat to the biggest of organizations.

The Challenge:

Ivanti, one of the top software companies based in Utah had recognized these threats and stepped up to make data breaches more secure for companies around the world who struggled with it. They had recognized the challenged firms face when it comes to building a focused security strategy and the amount of time it takes to safeguard the resources and data a company holds.

With the help of Digitalzone Business Consulting, the company planned on sharing a whitepaper to highlight ‘Cybersecurity for Extreme Threats’ and make various security-related challenges for the company much easier.


To rightly target the companies who would benefit from this whitepaper, Digitalzone Business Consulting knew they would have to start with proper research, which needed to be in-depth. Once the team pulled out a list of firms who suited the requirement, they were contacted and spoken to regarding their security-based challenges and the steps they were currently taking to minimize threats.

After speaking to multiple companies and understanding their issues related to cybersecurity, the next step was to assist them with the report and help them get one step closer to making sure their grip on security was tightened better after reading through various studies and key-points.

The Campaign:

To make the campaign a success, we knew we had to reach out to the people who were directly responsible for getting a reign on the security channels and processes in a company. Once that was figured, Digitalzone Business Consulting worked out a methodology to reach out to them and then send the whitepaper their way for maximum effectiveness.


One of the major inclusions of the white paper was a survey done by Forrester that included results obtained from 192 network security decision makers regarding an external security breach that they may have faced in the past 1 year. A gist of the results obtained was as below:

Source: Forrester

 Digitalzone Business Consulting knew that along with the statistics shown above, the various other visual representations in the whitepaper would also help interested firms to a great extent.

The Result:

The campaign by Digitalzone Business Consulting was a massive success and resulted in a lot of companies coming forth to get the whitepaper so they could be better enlightened about cybersecurity, its related effects, and other relevant laws. With this in place, it also showed us how crucial digital security was and ensuring companies contributed to it to make experiences both for the company as well for themselves was very important.


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