How Digitalzone helped VIXXO spread the word about the importance of end-to-end facilities management

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With an extensive network of 150,000+ service providers, VIXXO represents a variety of core and specialty trades, including HVAC, plumbing and electrical, food and beverage equipment, sign and lighting and more. They hold exceptional high standards of excellence by adhering flawless relationship with their service providers. They help you manage end-to-end facilities process, from the first time a service request is made to invoicing and beyond. Their technological advances have no bounds and are used to capture service-level data from every transaction, allowing you to optimize assets, improve first-time fix rates and increase equipment uptime. With VIXXO, you have access to insights from 45 million-plus data points, giving you an informed perspective that can shape your planning efforts. Spread across 65,000 locations, VIXXO makes a perfect fit for facility management.

The Challenge:

Considering their leading name in the industry, VIXXO had identified various developments in the field of facility management. A number of advances further resulted in update of services. Here, the challenge lied in reaching out to people and not only conveying new services but also educating them about the advances. The challenge lied in making end users understand how facility management and the new updates were beneficial to them. When people needed expert guidance and understanding of the service and its updates, which is when VIXXO instilled their trust in Digitalzone Business Consulting.

What We Did:

With a detailed understanding of how things had moved ahead and what VIXXO had to offer, Digitalzone Business Consulting stepped ahead with the campaign. Digitalzone extended a brief understanding of what VIXXO was and how they ranked as one of the best facility management companies. The same understanding was then passed on by the company representatives to the target audience. The idea was mainly to educate the end user and help them understand how VIXXO’s offerings were beneficial for them. Or in other words, how VIXXO’s serves were exactly what was ideal for them. The campaign went live and the representatives individually reached out to the mass and conveyed the offering and update of the company.

The Campaign:

The services offered by VIXXO were useful for professionals who held private spaces and needed indoor support. Apart from those, the individuals who were looking after spaces (corporate and private) could make the most of their services. Right from real-estate ownership to facility management, everything was well covered through the campaign. VIXXO not only made a refreshed recall for the audience, but a relatively new sector was also introduced.

The Result:

The campaign ended with a major success rate and the services extended by VIXXO were put to use by the most relevant and fruit-bearing audience. Not only were professionals benefitted out of the campaign but also a new sector was introduced by the diligent outreach done by Digitalzone Business Consulting. With a high-end facility management expertise in place, it made it all the more insightful and interesting.


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