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How GDPR has Strengthened Social Media and Improved Safety

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Social media channels have been in our lives since a long time now and our lives are accustomed to the entertainment they offer – for some it’s being in touch with family & friends or keeping themselves updated about news & gossip, for some it’s a source of business and for others it’s a way of relieving stress. We also fail to address the fact that over the years, social media has made a strong impact on our everyday life; so much so that we can rarely go even for a few hours without checking its everyday happenings. Recently, thanks to GDPR, a lot of good changes came into light across various industries, their way of doing business; reach across different domains and social media too.

GDPR, better known as General Data Protection Regulation, is a law by the European Union formulated with the intention of giving people their power back and ensuring better safety and uniformity in the way things are done. GDPR enforces worldwide and the act came into place recently on 25th May 2018. GDPR has laid down strict laws and heavy fines in case of data breaching, one of the main reasons why companies coming under its purview have begun taking things extremely seriously ever since its incorporation.

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The amalgamation of GDPR with social media marketing has created a phase of a lot of good changes and also a few challenges. Here are some ways in which GDPR 2018 has had an effect on social media strategies:

1. Increased security:

With the General Data Protection Regulation doing the rounds, people have definitely become a lot more serious about their security. However, more than individuals it is the various social sharing platforms themselves that have taken to make sure security is better, including the level of security they provide to their customers.

For instance, Facebook made headlines recently when certain data breach and transparency of data between customers and the company came into light.

2. Made people more alert:

Social media strategies according to GDPR have definitely changed and made people more conscious. The primary reason why the act came into effect in the first place was to limit the number of concerns that people were facing and minimize social media fear with respect to privacy.

3. Social sharing:

It is no secret that a ton of personal data is shared every minute through social media. However, at times, this information may not be encrypted, leading to a lot of ways and means through which it can be leaked. With personal data, the level of security should also increase because an instance of it when leaked can be seriously damaging to the individual.

4. Saving of personal information:

A lot of social media privacy policy statements have been updated since the addition of the General Data Protection Regulation. Most Social media channels have also been prohibited from saving of any personal data that is being exchanged by members on its forum. This crucial step will definitely rule out a lot of privacy concerns in the years to come.

5. Changes in strategies:

A lot of changes were seen in the way social media platforms came forth to attract people. With GDPR in lieu, laws, means, approaches also changed – all for the better! The strategies sometimes came very close to acquiring people’s information and utilizing them for marketing, promotions etc. however all these are being altered and a second look is being taken after GDPR to be more cautious.


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