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How to Boost Your Social Media Engagement Using the Right Posts?

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Social media is a tricky concept. It has strategies that end up changing every other day because algorithms also change. With constant change, staying even one week away without trying to use it and checking out what’s happening online can be a game-changer. With new ideas, methods, and ways to boost engagement being discovered and introduced constantly, it goes without a say that social media is as challenging as it is fun. Earlier, companies would look at it as not everybody’s cup of tea. Some came forward, while many restricted their presence on it, considering the fact that their customers would not take to social platforms as much, and definitely not for purchasing or checking out how their favorite brands are doing. Going forward, this notion was changed when social media, well for lack of a better word, TOOK OVER THE WORLD and it happened so fast that it left people stunned!


Everything changed after that – people started learning more about social media platforms, boosting engagement, brand building and creating a marketing strategy. Brands came forward with more social media strategies, better strategies with a view to getting ahead of their competition. Amongst all this, it was also seen that most companies went forward with the pure notion that they needed to put something out there to gain attention, however, at times, their posts lacked quality. Along the years, agencies, companies and brands were formed purely with the intention of taking care of content to be put online in a better way and they too reached out to companies. The fact that several people were putting in time and effort to develop a ‘social media plan’ in order to be unique and put quality content out there was enough to get people going. Now, a lot of companies have actually started looking out towards what gets posted, what content will highlight their brand, pristine quality images, better copywriting and more.

If you too find yourself a part of this mix too, where doing social media is getting tricky, this plan will definitely help you get better synced with how to go about it. Take a look:

1. Conversational posts:

Creating posts to generate conversations go a long way and is a great social media trend. These help your followers understand that you’re not always about preaching, but getting their views and ideas is important too. Conversational posts should include questions or in a way ask their opinions about things you do, what they would like to see etc.

2. Witty quotes/one-lines:

These are best shared on a busy day or in the morning when people are generally scrolling but also rushing through social media. Keep them short but impactful so they make a statement and stay in the reader’s mind. Stick to quotes/sayings that are not common but are inspiring/teaching.

3. Tips and tricks:

You may be a seller and marketer but your followers aren’t. So they always love a little sneak peek about what happens behind the curtains. Make it a point to give them something most people in the industry wouldn’t – be it something simple like how to close a call or a marketing tip, they’ll be fascinated to learn more!

4. Blogs and articles:

This social media trend is educational, inspiring and creative – blogs and articles can do wonders for you if written consistently. Further, they also help in SEO and showcase your blogs better when it comes to frequent readers. Keep consistency and quality maintained and people are certain to notice your efforts.

5. Social media statistics:

It’s the numbers that really speak! Your followers will appreciate you showing them results than beating around the bush. This doesn’t primarily have to include the data that only you generate but also that is showcased by other brands. Don’t forget to give them credits while reposting.


6. Industry-related posts:

Be it a new discovery or a new company that has made your hometown its target for their next set up; sharing industry-related news is great. You could also use this space to show how your brand/company is contributing to making the corporate scene better.

7. Educational info-graphics:

Info-graphics are a fresh change from regular social media calendar posts and allow you to attract attention through trendy and interactive designs. Use these to share just about anything you fancy!

8. Case studies:

How will your followers know about the things you’ve done for your clients? Well, they won’t, unless you don’t tell them. Pen everything down in an interesting case study that will also market your brand as a cherry on the cake!

9. Quizzes and giveaways:

Both of these are amazing to ensure your followers don’t lose interest and maintain the engagement you’ve built. Keep them for slow days or when you don’t want to get too sale-y through promotional posts. Giveaways can call for sharing and commenting to win – all of which can do a lot in pushing your brand higher and is perhaps the best way to utilize social media for business!

Apart from these ideas what would also help is including some unique posts that you fancy. These can be for social media brand building, user engagement or any other purpose – however, ensuring consistency and quality is the motto here.


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