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Customer Experience – The Correct Strategy

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Customer relationship management is not just a job title but also an experience that every brand owes to build. Customers stand as the main pillar for any brand’s progress. As much as a business means technical and capital advancement, it also consists of the fact that how many happy customers are parts of it. It is said that all the smart companies make it a point to invest in building relations rather than looking out for strangers. Make your customer’s belief their reality. After all, if you do not take care of your customers, your competitors will.

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As much as we’d like to say that customers are built over the quality of your products or what you have to offer, customer relationship plays an important part in the process of retaining customers. A few other strategies for building a customer experience are:

1. Follow-up rather than Follow-back

The first and foremost basic rule of developing customer experience is to keep a regular timely follow-up. It is more important to register and care about the customer experience than it is about to keep following up before they become a customer. The idea is to improve or encourage over customer feedback. People do not buy because what you sell is awesome; they buy because they feel awesome with what they bought.

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2. Understand rather than Unravel

Steve Jobs said, “Get so close to your customer that you can tell them what they need even before they realize it themselves. Understand your customer needs rather than persuading them for what you have to offer. It is only the fact of understanding your customer that will help build a flawless customer experience. Wait and listen to what they have to say rather than asking them to buy what you have to sell.

3. Connect rather than Convince

Half of the brand’s effort usually goes into convincing prospects about their offerings. It is high time the brand realizes that the idea is not to convince your audience, it is to connect with them. The more you connect to your audience the higher chances you have to stay aligned to their needs and demands. Connecting to your prospects helps you build relationship that promotes brand loyalty and business growth.

4. Make Belief rather than Just Business

Most businesses fail because they fail to realize the fact that business is not made by capturing leads or prospects but rather building trust. It is wisely said that if people like you, they will listen to you. But if they trust you, they will do business with you. Make your customers believe in you. Develop trust and that will give you returns in terms of customer loyalty. There is no business that cannot achieve the trust of a customer if they aim to serve and give their best inputs.

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5. Retain than Reassure

The most wise businesses make an effort to maintain old clients rather than bringing in new clients. It is rightly said that 80% of your business revenue is churned from the existing clients and only 20% of the revenue is contributed through the new customers. Therefore, the strategy of customer experience goes through focusing and retaining existing customers rather than investing all of your energy in building a new customer base.

Invest maximum of your energy into creating, understanding, and developing a unique and moral customer experience for an optimum business growth. The idea is to generate more happy customers than merely more business prospects.

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