Why An Email Subject Line Plays A Vital Role To Drive Traffic On Your Website?

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importance of email subject line


Email marketing is one of the most widely-used techniques in any business scenario. Be it for internal communication or promotion amongst current/future prospects, emails are great for voicing your opinion. In fact, the statistical report generated of email marketing is accessed, understood and considered by marketers each time they intend to do so something different. It is also great for non-verbal feedback and by most companies is considered an ideal aspect of knowing how well your services/products are being taken by your customers. A good number of firms also go with storytelling emails to make a stronger, creative impact.

Without a say, some of the best email marketing campaigns go big because of what they initially look like. Even you for that matter try and analyze the numerous emails you get every day on their subject line itself and click on those that seem interesting. However, have you ever wondered what happens to those emails that may have been not considered by you because they did not have a useful or creative subject line and thus failed to gain your attention? Most of these may simply end up in the “trash folder” after a while – all because the subject line didn’t serve the purpose, even though the email may have been useful to you.

So what is the importance of a subject line?

1. Short and simple works great:

Any good guide to successful email marketing will show you that although a subject line is very essential for any email, keeping it short, informative and hassle-free is vital. If a person would have to decipher the subject line itself without even having to go through the email, it isn’t a very good one.

2. Hook your audience:

Perhaps the easiest way to grab the attention of your list is to send an email with a subject line so catchy that they have to open it! You can also do this through storytelling emails so your audience is curious to know what happens and then go forth to click it. Getting a grip on their attention is crucial to guide them through the next stage – clicking on the email.

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3. Avoid misleading – no matter what:

Although preparing your receiver for the email is important through a good subject line, adding something that the email does not comprise will certainly put them off. Do not lie and do not be fake. Always make sure to enhance what the email contains rather than display something that never exists in the first place.

4. Opt for a questionnaire subject line followed by the solution in the email:

Creating a link with your subject line that flows through the content of the email is an excellent email marketing This one peaks the interest of the receiver in a creative manner and if done right, he is bound to open & read the email to know what it says further.

5. Test your the subject lines:

For the best response, simply design a few strategies with different subject lines and throw them in your organization randomly to see how many people actually open and go through the email. This will help you understand what people are also looking out for.

6. Personalization & CTA is important:

Personalized emails are great, but have you thought about what the right subject line can do to it? Add both and the equation will be out of the world! Using the persons’ first/last name in the subject line would immediately make him open it and read further. CTA goes a long way when it comes to generating leads and especially in case of email marketing. Do your extra bit by researching about appropriate CTA’s to gain maximum attention.

Short, catchy email subjects that are interesting and say what the email is about without disclosing its purpose entirely are great! While some emails maybe trickier, most of them are relatively simpler to target; however, framing an ideal one can make or break the opening purpose of your email completely!


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