Instagram Launches Shopping Checkout

Instagram Launches Shopping Checkout

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The 1 billion audience strong company just took their revenue game a notch higher. Instagram has now introduced a shopping check out feature to its new update. This makes it convenient for the users to simply buy things online without having to be redirected to the official websites for shopping. Considering how high the engagement for Instagram is, it got pretty evident that the audience on the platform was responding to real time sponsored ads making the business score high for all the brands that were listed on Instagram ads. The new update for shopping checkout serves a boon for specially the ecommerce industry.

The new update however has a couple of significant stipulation at this stage. The initial update is only being launched in closed beta version. This also means that the update is not available to all the brands on Instagram yet. In fact, to be precise, only 23 businesses from the USA are participating in the initial trial of the update. Even though it may be frustrating for businesses that’ve been waiting for the platform’s Shopping Tags to evolve, Instagram firmly believes that moving into main-stream payments is a big step, so it is ideal to take it slow.

The platform claims that post update, the users will be able to track their purchases via a new ‘Orders’ tab on their profile. However, it is also noted by TechCrunch, the merchants will only be provided with essential information needed for shipment.

They quoted, “Merchants will only get the details necessary to fulfill an order, including contact info and address, but not your actual payment info. Users will see an opt-in option to share their email address with the seller for marketing purposes. Checkout with Instagram could leave merchants with a little less data than if the purchase happened on their website, but Instagram says it will provide info on which sales it generates for a merchant.”

Instagram will also be charging a business fee for each transaction that will be facilitated, giving it another revenue stream. Considering the popularity and the usage of the platform. Businesses seem to be eagerly waiting for the update to go public.


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