5 Reasons why Instagram can become your Business’s Best-Friend!

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With the amount of visibility that social media has managed to get to businesses, many of the ancient marketing ways have taken a step back. Marketing ways like billboards, print media, leaflets, brochures etc. are slowly being forgotten – all for the best. The best part of being replaced by modern methods has indeed made it easier to get recognized, gain feedback and response, has reduced costs and made the process time-friendly as well.

However, once marketers started promoting, a lot of the popular social media platforms were their first target. Talk about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and every business had a page and a profile on them. However, after some time there was Instagram that came into the limelight. Seen as a picture-only application, not a lot of business targeted it. However, after some time this social media platform grew and how! Now standing at one of the most popular apps online, Instagram is in lieu with Facebook and others and is a hot favourite with many B2B marketers as well!

If you are still thinking about getting your business on Instagram or if you have an account on it and are too lazy to update it regularly, these 5 reasons will change the way you think:

1. Say it with pictures:

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and Instagram is the best example to prove this! It is a well-known fact that adding a picture to justify or explain your statement makes it 10 times better, however, with Instagram, it is mostly the picture that does all the talking. This advantage is further made better since viewers are shown the primary picture on their home page while scrolling, along with the little content it carries.

2. Instagram stories are its most creative feature:

People love to watch what’s happening behind the scenes and this is why Instagram stories are such a hit. Whether it is a product or service that you provide, including a few interesting tidbits about it will make people feel better associated with the brand and what it does. Unlike posts, these can be posted regularly with creative effects too, if needed.

3. It can be as restricted or open as you want it to be:

With a privacy setting, Instagram can prevent anybody you haven’t “added” to your list from looking at your posts. However, since businesses need to grow and increase their approach, it is best to keep an open account.

4. Re-posts can do a lot for your business:

Followers can often choose to re-post your original post if they like it exceptionally. This gives the business visibility and is certainly a great deal if the person has a good number of followers. On the other hand, it also helps to re-post a followers image if it is relevant to your product/service such as review or feedback.

5. Chances to go viral increase:

With Instagram, a video or post can instantly go viral since it’s all about visual stuff. As compared to written material, videos have more chances to go viral since they can be easily seen by a lot of people within minutes, as compared to written content that requires time to read.

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