Integrate to Strengthen Social Solutions – Core Focus on Improving the Efficiency of Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns

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Integrate has always been a leader in the B2B industry. Moreover, the giant has kept its unwavering focus on developing ways and means to simplify processes in the market – some of which has changed the core ways of working for firms across the globe. In its latest step to make a noteworthy change, Integrate has recently launched a connector with another social media giant “Facebook” that will allow B2B marketers to measure and track the effectiveness of lead generation campaigns and diligently focus on ROI.

Generating clean and correct leads is something that every lead generation company aims for and with this new step; Integrate definitely has made this aspect a whole lot easy and transparent. Marketing teams of firms will now be able to have a better grip on their activities such as lead generation from both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Jeremy Bloom CEO & Founder of the firm said, “At Integrate, we’re driven by a relentless focus to help our marketers’ better leverage their demand channels to generate attributable revenue for their business. We’ve seen a large spike in spend on social channels from our customers and have been asked to help them amplify their power from this channel. By launching and now expanding our social footprint, we’re making the experience of demand generation on Facebook and LinkedIn more seamless and powerful.”

With the new update, marketers can capture the information of their leads through Facebook Lead Ads campaigns. Some of the other biggies in the industry are also excited about this change. Matt Mullin, Director of Marketing Operations and Technology at Tenable said “A major reason we’re an Integrate customer is their ability to innovate to make our B2B marketing efforts easier and more efficient. We’re excited to leverage Integrate’s new social integrations to eliminate manual processes and get important leads to sales faster.”


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