Intent-Based Marketing Services

With Digitalzone’s Intent-based marketing, you give your audience exactly what they want.

This helps brands save a lot of money and effort. Intent-based marketing is the game-changer because you know the context; you know for sure the prospect is interested and actively searching for your product or service.

Our intent-based marketing is the bridge between your prospect’s intent and conversions.
Brands need visibility at the right moments. We help you get noticed in real-time when the prospect is interested in your offerings.


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    Google has kept intent on a pedestal.
    If you move people towards the solution to their problem, you have won the game. Our team creates compelling content that strikes a chord with your prospect and amasses sales.

    Intent-based marketing makes your communication more effective by resonating with the demand in the market.

    But you need to define your audience in order to understand them better and design strategies that cater to their specific goals and needs.

    Intent-based marketing may not always lead to a closed deal because sometimes the prospect isn’t ready to buy at the exact moment, but it tremendously increases the chance of them buying from you when they are ready.

    You can’t underestimate the power of giving people what they want. Intent-based marketing is the strategy to position your brand better and meet the expectations of your audience by making your marketing match their intent.

    Helping your audience make sense of your brand matter when they are in the buyer’s journey can help you stand out and close that deal.
    You need more than a customer profile to work your magic, you need intent.