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How Digitalzone Supported a Client’s Journey of Making an Everyday Challenge Easier

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The Overview:

With the increase of complexity in every segment of business operations, multiple companies and especially the larger ones face a lot of challenges even with daily tasks. What may seem like a job consuming 5-10 minutes of an individuals’ time may take hours to complete when it comes to an organization. Due to this very notion, opting for ways and means to make the smallest of things time-saving is an important aspect. Having said that, it is wise to focus on the big picture to ensure the steps taken do not lose their worth once the final stage starts coming into view.

Digitalzone Business Consulting came forth to address this shortcoming.


The Challenge:

The client who was facing the issue was Kelly Services, a reputable firm associated with human resource services and talent supply. In this aspect, a lot of documentation was required at every stage making it difficult for them to keep signing them manually. The amount was even more as compared to other firms because every stage in the client’s journey was formal, needed documentation and had to be processed in a systematic manner. They were looking at every contract and supplier form going out to be bearing their signature.

What we did:

To make this challenge easy, Docusign came up with an easy way of helping out Kelly Services. With a digitalized signature, no manual work was required and everything could be done in a fraction of the time it would otherwise require. Digitalzone Business Consulting understood this obstacle and started working out a way to make Docusign associated with Kelly Services.


The Campaign:

For starters, the campaign was put together by Digitalzone Business Consulting and was structured in a timely and effective way to help the person receiving it to understand how it works. It highlighted how Docusign would be able to make things easy, effective and help in everyday processes. The campaign creative including an example to help the receiver understand better with a small gist was added.

What we did:

To make sure the campaign was directed not only to Kelly Services but to all who would benefit from Docusign, a database of relevant companies was put together. This was worked on with regards to phone numbers, locations, decision makers name etc. Once a suitable list was in place, the skilled employees’ at Digitalzone Business Consulting started reaching out to the prospects via calls and emails and helped them understand the worth of investing in the offering by Docusign.


The Result:

The campaign turned out to be a phenomenal success! Kelly Services came forth to implement and take on the services rendered by Docusign and are now realizing what a boon the decision was! It has indeed made processes simplified, quick and more productive after taking on this step.

What we did:

The main motive of Digitalzone Business Consulting here was to identify the shortcomings of the prospect company and make them realize how this very problem could be resolved in one simple step. Not only this, but we also went one step ahead to understand how it can also make experiences better and simplified, thus selling out the campaign successfully to the client.


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