Lead Scoring Strategies for 2020

Lead Scoring Strategies for 2020

Your business might be squandering a great amount of time on wrong leads. All the sales experts understand the notion that not all leads are created equal. This is why you need lead scoring- to identify which leads to pursue. Lead scoring is the process of allotting a score to your leads based on the value they offer to your business. The greater the interest they show, the greater are the chances of converting them.

Here’s how to do it to skyrocket your sales in the coming year-

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1. First and foremost, you need to find out the leads that are most likely to convert and prioritize accordingly. This results in more selling and less chasing.

2. Leads engage with your brand in different ways. Find out their interest levels and then decide which leads deserve your immediate attention.

3. For assigning a value to your leads, you need to analyze the behavior of both your customers and old leads to recognize patterns.

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4. Figure out what encouraged some of the leads to move ahead and make that purchase while the others to get stuck in the funnel or even drop out.

5. Smarketing cannot be done without scoring your leads and the most critical requirement to see an impressive revenue growth is to align your sales and marketing teams.


Source – Marketo

Final Thoughts

Lead Scoring helps you prioritize your sales and marketing efforts. The most pragmatic way to visualize it would be to compare your leads to your ideal customer. The more characteristics your lead shares with your ideal customer, the more qualified it is. It helps you convert faster, and in sales and marketing- nothing is more precious than time.

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