9 Mind-Numbing Tips To Make Your List-building Strategies

9 Mind-Numbing Tips To Make Your List-building Strategies More Fruitful

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Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers once quoted, “I have literally built a multi-million dollar business on the strength of my email list. Ninety percent of my income comes from it. Even today, my email list is still my number one business priority—and asset.” The statement is a strong indication of the effect a good email list has on its business.

Every business has its own priority sources to obtain significant clientele. Recently, major chunks of firms have shifted their focus to a detailed email list to help them source the right ones. The process thereafter is simple once you hit the bulls-eye! Deriving an email list is the result of accurate and extensive research. However, it does not have to be as time-consuming and taxing as it sounds, though it is highly advisable to ensure immense focus while developing one. List building method is an on-going process as people constantly change email ids or unsubscribe from your emails. It requires the sender to keep adding more people, keep delivering relevant emails to current mailers and keep them on their toes!

These are a few effective tips laid down with a view to making an email list-building more effective, resourceful and quick:

Start small yet constantly work on improvising:

The main objectives while handling a small list is never lose out subscribers. Since the primary objective at this point is growing, both in terms of work and in terms of subscribers, it is crucial to take care of those you have in hand. Provide useful information, links, and tips and keep your subscribers engaged and eager to know more. Simultaneously, keep building your network and work your way up.

Folks love free stuff:

Free stuff such as tips and giveaways attract email receivers. It is also important to get the word out to a receiver efficiently, enabling him to subscribe to earn more in the future. Unless an email contains useful or free information that the receiver finds interesting, it is difficult to pursue him to become a subscriber. It is also essential to highlight the information pertaining to the ‘free inclusion’ effectively.

Display your current subscribers’ list with pride:

No matter how small or large your subscriber circle is, always make sure you exhibit it to increase your list. View it as – the current numbers of subscribers help you in attracting more. The technique is as simple as putting the word out. Use statements like, “Follow a growing network of X number of subscribers” or “Join over X smart people who have vouched for ….” Using the number wisely to your advantage will create a sense of confidence and eagerness to learn more amongst new mail receivers.

Interesting content that is only part featured:

Initiating with the principle of creating excellent and relevant content, this method works by giving receivers a sneak peak to the blog or article. Once their interest is peaked by reading a small paragraph or a couple of statistics, giving them the option of upgrading the content in exchange for their email address is the next bit. What sounds like a simple strategy, works wonders in reality by almost doubling the list in a short period, given one applies the tactic accurately.

Social media is your best bud:

Social media can be a maker or breaker when it comes to driving up success for a firm. A good way to do it right is to merge information from your social media sites into list building approach. Be it your number of friends or followers or the ‘likes’ and positive comments your blog has received, it can all be proudly acknowledged to gain attention. For better results, club the numbers together – for example, 200 Facebook friends, 500 Instagram followers and 1000 email subscribers may not gain you as much recognition as 1700+ readers/subscribers may! Large numbers impress people and it strikes an interest in the proposal.

Pair content with opt-in incentives:

An opt-in incentives refer to e-books, whitepaper, and software tools, etc. that is a part of the introductory email circulated. The opt-in incentive is free and displayed promptly in the email. This list building plan works effectively for small businesses and for those who do not wish to dedicate a lot of time to constantly creating new content. One may use the same content in various forms for multiple emails. This works as a simple yet sure shot way to increase your subscribers drastically.

Testimonies are important:

Testimonies bring about a personal element. The fact that an individual has taken time out to pen down a few words of appreciation particularly for your service/firm speaks volumes. Get this information out so more people know about it. You can link a testimony or even better; allow it to feature in the email itself. Additionally, also provide links to your social media platforms for users to browse through more testimonies.

Slow websites are a nonstarter:

Web sites often take the time to load owing to a slow server, heavy website content/graphics or bug issues etc. Although slow websites can be nerve wrenching for any user, it creates a lot more harm for a business owner focused on list building. No matter how creatively you design an email or how many list building tactics are used, it can all go for a toss – given the website takes a lengthy period to load. One needs to understand that users have limited time and the ratio lowers down further if it is someone who is a high profile individual and receives tons of such emails. Respect the receivers’ time and work towards making your website faster and simpler to use. Platforms like Quick Sprout’s URL Analyzer and Search Metrics help in determining website performance and assists with related issues.

Merge relevant content together:

Many firms tend to brush aside what seems like an obvious rule when it comes to list building – merging relevant content together. Although a firm may feature a variety of products or services, it is important to link similar ones while trying to gain the receiver’s attention. A simple example to understand the notion can be the process of serving bread with soup and not pairing either of them with dessert. Services that gel together attracts prominent clients, thus increasing your list.

A good idea to start with various list-building strategies is to target one at a time. In addition, do not let the lack of skills or tools come in the process as each strategy can be improved going ahead. It is also important to understand that a strategy that has been claimed “extremely successful” by someone may not possibly work out in the same manner for you, and that is perfectly okay. Try different methodologies and go with what works best.

Lastly, once your list starts getting bigger focus equally on current subscribers as you do to achieve more. Deliver relevant and interesting matter regularly and try different ways to keep interest levels high. Always remember – it takes a second for a subscriber to click on ‘unsubscribe’ but takes several methodologies, tactics, and tricks to get someone to ‘subscribe’ to them.

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