B2B marketing tactics with an Digital world


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Case Study

While the B2B industry is growing at a steady fast pace, it is becoming equally important for people to keep up with the new inclusions every single day. In this industry, along with providing efficient services, clients also focus highly on deliverance time and nature of services rendered.

The Challenge

Magnetrol International is popular amongst its clients as one of the leading suppliers from across the globe when it comes to level and flow instrumentation. After getting a stellar response from its numerous clients from across the globe, the company is now trying to reach to even greater heights. While most of its marketing strategies have been heavily focused on campaigns that make products and programming the star of the show, the company had much bigger plans for the future. With a view to position itself to go beyond product solution approaches and completely focus on the requirements of its guests, Magnetrol recently launched a new ad campaign.


The Campaign

With an idea to emphasize the effect of a corporate ad campaign, stem a dependable level, and flow measurement, Boomm started the challenge of reaching out to its patrons. To ensure an improved impact, plentiful ad messages were conveyed to speed the process of efficiency and safety factor in the operation process. “Magnetrol Works”, the ad campaign proved helpful since it made a fresh impact by focusing wholly on the bigger picture i.e. to understand how deep the

impact of an efficient operation on the lives of its people. The three important products in process markets – oil & gas, power, and chemical were targeted in the corporate ad campaign. The campaign was put together after taking into account everyday things that customers go through such as driving to work or using sunscreen. The result of this? When the process is laid out and runs smoothly, people’s everyday lives run in the same manner – and Magnetrol helps

in this case. The ad worked out in just the right way – it not only helped people know more about Magnetrol’s soughtafter products but also made them fit in as solutions for the efficiency of processes. Lastly, the campaign featured as the perfect reminder that customers’ lives are truly improved by the use of safe, fast and efficient industrial processes.


The Result

The campaign helped Magnetrol to reach out to a vast audience base – both in print media and online. The company further utilized its reach for a variety of marketing initiatives and it acted as a powerful platform for the firm. Shortly, the firm won the 2015 Hermes Gold Award.

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