Marketing trends for 2019.

Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

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Marketing has picked up the treadmill ever since a decade now. After seeing a lot many fads, it has also had its trends. The marketing scenario has always been fast paced and has forever progressed at its best speed. Today, right from the stuff you make to the stuff you tell, everything is overarched by the term marketing. With changing times, traditional marketing progressed and evolved into the digital marketing scenario. From limited technological understanding to a tech savvy consumer, brands have done their best in influencing the transformation. One thing that remains constant amidst all of this is trends.

The idea of trends has partially influenced the advancements in the marketing scenario. It has always made progress in parts. Today, in the digital world, marketing makes use of various digital practices that help set up and keep up with the trends. The consumers make best use of these technological advances further making digital marketing more feasible for businesses or brands. After all, marketing is not a function; it is a whole business that is seen through the eyes of the consumer. Therefore it is only fair that the brands let the consumers drive the marketing trends. Every year there are some old and some new set of trends that hit the marketing frontier. The most dominant marketing practices to set up a trend in 2019 are:

1. Digital Ads

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Even though the Social ads and Google Ads have already been a big hit, there are constant advancements in that domain. Every passing week we tend to see a new update with respect to social media and web ad portals. When it comes to digital ads, social media is where the ball game runs. Brands have come up with the wittiest strategies to engross the audience and let the brands become the star. The social media and search engines have served as a pitch for all digital marketers. Digital ads apart from social media are also going to go huge. The advertising domain will soar through all digital means and hit up the roof to engage the audience. Digital ads and innovations are definitely going to be the next big thing.

2. Voice Search

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It is quite evident that every home appliance and device is now becoming voice recognition compliant. The idea is to be able to do things without touching them. The idea of multi-tasking has been taken up seriously and is serving the millennia’s well. The functionality serves well when you have a task at hand and also have another task waiting to be completed. You can simply just voice search your requirement and use the function once it is found through voice search. Say for example, you may be cutting vegetables and wish to call a friend. All you have to do is keep your hands running over the veggies and just say “hey there call Stephen”. The next thing you know is your veggies are all finely chopped and Stephan has had a good word with you. You see? That’s how voice search helps in speeding things up making it the perfect fit for 2019’s marketing trends. Voice search can be used as an optimized way to reach out to prospects. That time is not really far when all you have to do is just say it.

3. AI and Machine Learning Adaptation

Artificial intelligence factors

When we speak of technological advancements in the field of marketing, the first thing that pops up to our heads is Artificial Intelligence. It is the most sought after advancements in every domain. Artificial Intelligence or AI is the base on which the technological advancement of 2019 depends on. Even though the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is old news, with the first quarter almost ending, it seems like 2019 will be the year AI comes to use. Every domain will gradually but steadily advance towards the adaptation of AI and Machine Learning. This one technological advancement will affect the marketing and advertising scenario diversity. Expect a whole range of new ideas that will be surfacing.

4. Enhance Personalized Recommendations

Virtual Influencer

Considering the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, looks like the next big thing will be the clubbing of AI and Influencers. While Dubai has already created ‘Laila’ an AI influencer, the world is still firmly holding on to human influencers in every domain. The whole idea of Influencer marketing has been to create a personal recommendation for the brands. With the influencer marketing hitting the trends in every domain, it is only obvious that this one successful trend is yet to see some new technological and strategic advancement. Looks like with the use of AI and Machine learning, micro influencers and influencers can go a notch higher and plan and implement new marketing ideas.

5. Mobile Adaptation

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The whole world is simply running on fingertips. Looks like the millennial got everything on their phones. And the world is simply moving from the big screen to the small handy screens. All the content out there on the digital is also being consumed over the phones. Observing this, it is obvious to expect the whole content and marketing strategies to become mobile adaptive. After all, that is where everyone’s trapped.

Head where the trend is heading. Marketing is meant to be going with the trends after all.

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