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Microsoft Removes Free Apps Linked to Cryptojacking

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Ever heard of the term cryptojacking? Well just like hijacking, there is a term called cryptojacking. What is it exactly? Cryptojacking is unauthorized use of someone’s computer to dig in and get crypto-currency. This is usually done by Hackers by either getting the victim to click on malicious links through an email (it then loads crypto mining code on the computer) or by infecting the viewer’s website/online ad with JavaScript codes (that auto-executes once loaded in the victim’s browser).

As much as the digital world has helped you reach places seamlessly, it has also made it risky to let your information out on the internet. In the times where everything works digitally, Microsoft has shown its credibility by eliminating 8 Cryptojacking apps from their app store. You’ve read it right, 8 Cryptojacking apps were eliminated by one of the leaders of the digital age.

On January 17, the leading name in cyber security, Symantec notified Microsoft that the app store had eight apps that contained malicious malware. This malware could be drawn on the phone’s processor to allow the app developers to mine for crypto currencies. As per what Symantec said, three developers were responsible for these apps –

1. DigiDream

2. 1clean, and

3. Findoo.

While it looked like there were three companies involved, it is believed that all eight programs were actually created by the same developer or group of developers.

The apps that were removed from the store were:

1. Fast Search Lite

2. Battery Optimizer

3. VPN Browser

4. Downloader for YouTube  Videos

5. Clean Master+ (Tutorials)

6. FastTube

7. Findoo Browser 2019

8. Findoo Mobile and Desktop Search

While hacking is a legal offense, any form of support for the act is also equally offensive. The best way to be safe is to report anything you come across as suspicious while you are on the internet.


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