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Netflix Holds Brilliant Content Strategy That Could Be Used For Effective B2B Videos

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By now it is pretty much clear that videos rank as #1 content source when it comes to engagement or content consumption. Considering the social media algorithm, there is no doubt that videos are going to be on rage with time. And more than just theories, the proof is in the stats. A study by Cisco suggests claims that by 2020, video trends will consume 80% of Internet Traffic. Hubspot also states that 55% audience pays detailed attention to videos rather than reading content. And when we talk of audience attention 80% and 55% are both big numbers that cannot be neglected.

When it comes to video content, it doesn’t look like we have a bigger example than Netflix. They have a pool of content that is purely video based. Mainly because their business runs on videos maybe? But the best part is, their social strategy also involves curated video content like no other brand. Their content execution holds a huge fan base and comprises a perfect blend of audience interest and branding. The question that arises here is, what does a brand hold as learning from the world’s best content generating platform? Is it just mainly because of the content that they write or is it more than just that?

Considering the outreach and popularity that the platform now holds, they go above and beyond with their execution ideas when it comes to social execution. It is not just their video content but also their strategy behind the execution of their content that strikes a chord. Ever wondered what makes them a leading name when it comes to entertainment content that people are literally ready to pay for consuming their content? Well, there are a few Strategical hits that make them the best and also give an ironic lesson to the B2B industry for some brilliant video ideas. Few of those strategies have been decoded and there are a few things that the B2B industry can incorporate in their video content ideas:

Social Listening

Social listening may be popular in terms of software but it is a real strategy that major big brands follow. What exactly is social listening? Social listening is a practice followed by all A-listed brands to understand what their audience and the masses, in general, say about them or in context to their relevant industry.  That helps them understand what the audience has to say about the brand and what they expect out of the brand. After all, social media is where all the audience is today.

Data Analytics

Just like actions speak louder than words, data speaks volumes for the strategy that we incorporate. When we realize a particular piece of content is performing well, it is ideal we let our work for the same piece do the talking. It is clear that the masses have voted for that particular content and the same can be used to showcase our expertise.


Once you’ve studied analytics and you know which is the most favored piece of content, you can exhibit your expertise through a series of favored content. People have loved the idea of particular content and the same can be broken down into various parts when you create video content over it. Remember, when in business, sell what is loved by the consumer rather than what you think is right for them. Audience acceptance plays a big role in engagement.


A wise man said when in Rome, do as Romans do. Similarly, while you promote your content, understand that at the highlight of your selling point 80% of the time is showing geographically relatable content. Like shows in French, do well in France. Similarly, people of a particular geographical area relate well to a certain kind of content. The business ethics or work culture in America could be different from that in Africa. Remember the basics while you prepare your content.

A study by Vidyard suggests that brands grow revenue 49% faster yearly by adding video to their marketing strategy. Well with times changing fast, video consumption pattern is also changing and it is high time the B2B industry makes the appropriate shift. Video content is the future.


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