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NexTech Launches 3D Advertising Platform for Facebook

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One of the leading names in the Augmented Reality industry has taken the next step of advancement. While advertising has been one of the best ways for marketers and digital giants, it has definitely come a long way from being traditional. It has always made us wonder what next? Well, the answer to that is here. NexTech has now launched 3D ads in collaboration with Facebook.

By far NexTech was well-known for getting the tech of AR to the masses through various lifestyle and accessible demonstration. They have by far built AR-3D product such as that shopping experience, e-learning, video conferencing, and now they have come up with ads on Facebook. With over 1.5 billion people on Facebook, the new product offering is a big step forward in creating the most robust vertically integrated AR-3D offering on the market today.

Digital Marketers can now scale up their game with the new update coming up soon. More experiential ads can be created for retail brands and service providers. “NexTech is the first to market for Facebook advertising with a platform that can publish from a single user interface to it, alongside the existing channels for delivery,” said Reuben Tozman, COO of NexTech. “That leaves us uniquely positioned to grow alongside the largest ad platform on the planet without losing the power and fidelity of existing AR experiences.”

NexTech will continue to develop their new business project by targeting high-growth verticals such as Education & Training, eCommerce, and Live Streaming & Telepresence. They aim to initially focus on the global retail and eCommerce market which is projected to reach $4.8 trillion in 2021, as per Statistica. A recent online research suggested that 40% of online shoppers were more willing to pay for a product if they could experience it through AR, while 71% of them indicated that they would shop at a brand more often if the brand offered AR experiences.



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