List Building Services

Building a consent-based list from scratch can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be, and this is where we come into the picture.

We help businesses grow their opt-in list and make lead generation trackable.

The list of accounts and contacts we provide you with is guaranteed to meet your defined objectives.

We love permission marketing and only reach out to people who want to hear your message. Our services are tailored for all privacy laws; we market with consent.

opt-in list building

At Digitalzone, we build the list based on your ideal customer profile and use a double opt-in protocol to assure the high-quality of leads we generate for you.

First and foremost, we take and understand your targeting parameters, including job titles/functions, geo, industries, etc. We then send a branded email newsletter on your behalf. This process gathers compliant opt-ins for your database much more cost-effectively than a lot of other demand generation options out there.

We focus a lot on customer experience, and the prospects can opt-in with a single-click “agree” button in the mail.

Connect With Us!

    We kick off the campaign by building a database set that precisely matches your requirements. After performing split testing for a couple of days, we go ahead with the version that outperforms the rest.

    Our experts create content that compels your audience to subscribe to your email list.

    The offer promises to deliver insightful and relevant content that helps them to grow.

    Our marketing establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. We use appealing short forms to maximize the conversions.

    We also use human verification in an effort to give you a premium database. Our team thoroughly validates the business card info, with even the phone number of each lead tele-verified to ensure 100% accuracy.

    Digitalzone helps you to do quality prospecting, that is categorically permission-based and at scale.

    Our list building plan prompts you to make sense of your sales and marketing activities, making way for persuasive and meaningful messages that drive revenue.

    We help you make the right decisions with the right data. At Digitalzone, we have different list building strategies to match your business goals- be it outbound or inbound marketing. We also take into account your target market and how big or small it is.

    Digitalzone’s unique opt-in list building strategies make it easy for you to boost sales and skyrocket profits. We go the extra mile for your success. For instance, if you’re building an email list to promote a webinar or a virtual event, we nurture the leads to make sure they attend your event. Our marketing strategy impeccably fits your business goals! We make the best landing pages and newsletters to promote your marketing collateral and drive revenue.

    With opt-in list building, you garner attention from interested users, and you’re more likely to stand out & convert more.

    Our global service works well with the stringent privacy laws such as GDPR, CASL & CCPA, so you won’t be subjected to hefty fines for marketing in these regions without consent. This makes opt-in list building the smartest choice to make your marketing more impactful.

    Permission based list building

    Digitalzone’s opt-in list building saves you tons of time and money. Our service fetches you the best quality leads and a 100% replacement guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the database provided.

    Opt-out list building often makes people turn away from you because they sometimes feel you’re infringing or violating their rights. Opt-in list building, on the other hand, works wonders because you contact people who have consented to receive further communication from you. We, at Digitalzone, reach out to only people in Europe, Canada, and California who have already given us implied consent via our previous marketing campaigns.

    We understand the requirement of a supreme quality consent-based database is above everything else. So, we leave no stone unturned to give you precisely that!

    Our marketing makes sure your brand stands out and looks great doing that!