Oracle Lead generation case study

How Digitalzone protruded their excellence by generating remarkable leads for Oracle

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Oracle stands as the third largest software development organization by revenue. The company mainly deals in the development of database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products. With their roots into software, the company builds a diverse range of systems for middle-tier companies such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM). They also offer services that complement the design and development of software and hardware such as financing, training, consulting, and hosting services.

The Challenge:

As the leading name in computer technology, Oracle had launched a data storage platform that helps them in a safer and faster recovery of the data at pocket-friendly rates. The industry needed to understand and the environment needed to be cloud ready. Apart from this, individuals who held the capacity to utilize the product for the benefit of their brand needed to be educated. Oracle sought Digitalzone Business Consulting to be the best source to help them reach the decision makers of the high-end companies. With a literature in place, Digitalzone Business Consulting started to pour our best inputs.

What We Did:

We at Digitalzone Business Consulting understood what the service was and how was it beneficial for the companies. Later, we comprehended that with the right knowledge of the service, high-end companies could use it to upgrade their storage. It could also potentially help them in faster and better data recovery. The software could not only help the A-list companies to store and recover data but also be a pocket-friendly solution for mass actions. Digitalzone Business Consulting realized that the best way to do it is through initiating a cloud-based storage awareness.

The Campaign:

The data storage and recovery by Oracle was of benefit for the C-level professionals of a company who were in need of high storage capacities. They could actively understand the benefits of putting the service to use and utilize it for maximum inputs. Therefore a list was put in place and Digitalzone Business Consulting reached out to the C-level decision makers. We educated them briefly about the service and how it was beneficial for their functionality. With the brand name Oracle in place, it added to the brand value.

The Result:

As the campaign progressed, many A-listed companies seem to absorb the fact that the database and recovery system that Digitalzone Business Consulting was talking about is indeed useful and will prove beneficial. With the right targeting, the campaign was a huge success.

That is how we at Digitalzone Business Consulting successfully brought light to the new service that Oracle had to offer. We did not only understand the service well but also promoted it to the right target base. The campaign generates a number of leads by being insightful to many A-listers company.


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